Astarr and Soluu [Bricklink Designer Program Series 1 Submission]

Everyone, meet Astarr and Soluu!

Two original technic-based constraction characters! And my entry for the Bricklink Designer Program Series1!

If you would like to get this model as one of the five options in the next round of the Bricklink Designer Program, you can show your interest for it

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On the distant world of Autuun, an unlikely duo teams up to explore the mysteries of this world, its history, and their own origins: The protector unit Astarr and the crafter unit Soluu.

Together, these two mechanical friends face the dangerous and harsh conditions on Autuun on their many adventures!

Ideas and Inspirations:

This model contains two original buildable and posable characters, built with a mix of Technic and System pieces. The build was inspired by “constraction” sets, that were very popular in the early 2000s and 2010s in themes like Throwbots, Bionicle, and Hero Factory. These sets used technic builds with ball and socket connections to create cool buildable action figures, often with gear functions.

Since the end of the CCBS building system, LEGO has stopped focusing on these types of sets. This gave me the idea to build my own characters in a similar style with the currently available pieces.

With many of the old pieces used in sets of this era being gone, it gave me a cool opportunity to experiment with different parts usage, fun building techniques, and combining system and technic pieces.

Featured in the Model:

The model features two brickbuilt characters: The taller protector unit Astarr and the smaller crafting unit Soluu.


Astarr is a protector unit, built to protect others from the dangerous environment and wildlife of Autuun. Astarr is always quick on their feet, ready for adventure, and willing to stand up for anyone that needs help.

Astarr’s tool of choice is a special axe that is not only useful in battle, but also to clear paths through Autuuns dense forests.

Astarr features loads of articulation. From their ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders to their elbows, wrists, fingers, head, and even the waist. This allows for all kinds of cool action poses and overall, a very expressive character.

The upper torso also features a built-in gear function that allows both arms to swing forwards and backwards, perfect for swinging Astarr’s axe! The gear function is also equipped with friction gears on the back that allow the arm position to stay in place while posing.


Soluu is a crafting unit built to mine resources and craft different tools and devices. Soluu might not be the bravest unit, but their curiosity and inquisitiveness have led them to many adventures and discoveries.

Soluu is posable in their feet, arms, head, and wrists, and can also be rotated in their waist.

Soluu always carries a trusty pickaxe that allows them to mine for all different kinds of minerals or ancient ruins.

With a duo that different, there is no telling what kind of trouble they will get into. The world of Autuun is a dangerous place. But together they have what it takes to face the dangers and uncover Autuun’s mysteries.

Thank you all for checking out my model, and I hope you enjoy it and consider lending it your support!




ah nice
astarr has some great colors, i really like the axe build and soluu is adorable
good job!


Thank you!!


Lego won’t suspect a thing.


This is a perfect way of doing constraction in the modern era. Technic and system integration while keeping the general scale of the G1 Bionicle sets.


really cool builds with some good techniques on each


I love those head designs! That is a clever use of cheese slopes!


@Sonus nothing to hide here, just an original buildable action figure with a gear function. Everything according to the rules! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Stuubh Yeah this was a really fun experiment to see what is doable in regards of a technic-based constraction fugiere only with the currently avaliable pieces.

@DuneToa, @Eilrach Thank you!


so with the build not being in the top 5 do you have plains to re-enter the Submission or give us some instructions for it?

becuase I really love the look of these guys and bit so cool to at least have Instructions


I’m thinking about re entering for a later series, but if I won’t or it will fail again l’ll definetely release instructions, since I’ve already made them