Astrid - Hells Keeper

Hello people :slight_smile:
Its been 2 months without mocing i had alot of work.Now i have some time so i made this.I will take more pictures tomorow.
Soo enjoy for now :slight_smile:


While the designs look good separate, the head just looks odd and the wings don't look too good. The feet are also too small.

I love the look of the chest

You spelled hecc wrong in the title

Holy gadunka! How.....!

Who never skips leg day?


Really awesome. Head and lower arms are the only things that bother me.

@Leoxander meee haha :smiley:
@AdamusTheFirst yeah i wanted to use Kulta mask but i dont know where the mask is :smiley: and yeah lower arms bugs me too.I need to upgrade them somehow :slight_smile:

dude you're getting really good at mocing, this guy's probably one of my favourites. Awesome work.

@Tobin-Bartram yeah mine too ,thank you glad you like it :slight_smile:

I like it a lot but I can not take it serious when it has the name Astrid.. xD

(No, I do not have anything against that name.. it just is not imposing to fit this character.. )

@MakutaKirakh i know :joy: but i really like this name dont know why but i didnt know that this moc turns out soo deadly :joy:

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waiting for back shot

The consistency (beside the upper arms) look well done, the wings are somehow fitting and the "abs" looks solid as well. :fork_and_knife:

daaaaaammmmmm this is so good

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@Mr_Emoticon thank you :slight_smile:

Holy crap this is good.

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@Morgy thank you glad you like it :slight_smile: