Astronautical Territory Defense Fighter

Long ago in a galaxy far far away, The Star Wars Saga began and Factions continues the excitement! The NEW Astronautical Territory Defense fighter! Place the Imperial Pilot into the bubble canopy! Then Weave in and out of battle with the AT-DF’s powerful thrusters! You can collect Star Wars toys and join factions! Figures and vehicles each sold separately. Batteries not included. In stores now!

When the empire began revaluating its military contracts after The Clone Wars, Kuat Drive yards was eager to present their design for the AT-DF, a cheep, expendable snubfighter. Designed as a companion to Kuat’s Infamous Star Destroyers, the AT-DF shared its iconic wedge shape. Far more compact that other starfighters, the AT-DF lacked shields, a hyperdrive or life support, instead concentrating its design around speed and maneuverability, allowing it to even outpace the Tie Defender. Onboard computers helped coordinate the ship with others of its class allowing it to perform in tight, swarmlike formations. On the other hand, its compactness also limited the craft’s range and flight time, preventing pilots from straying too far from home base.

Ultimately, The Empire choose to pass on Kuat’s design, instead choosing to fund Sienar Fleet Systems’ Tie Program. This would have been been the end for the AT-DF if it weren’t for the subsequent rise of the Crimson Empire. In need of cheep, disposable fighters, Stygian Caldera engineers and technicians revisited several previously rejected designs, finding the AT-DF suitable for the societies needs.

Now as the Crimson Empire wages war across the galaxy, AT-DFs are a stationed at numerous frontline outposts, ready to defend the Empire’s New holdings tooth and nail. Many have been constructed on Caamas and are a common sight in its airspace.


Nice! Quite a compact fighter. Could these be automated like the TIE/d fighter?


Something about the ways the guns are mounted just feels so right. Super cute build overall.


That is one incredibly compact cockpit!