Astros the etherial


Please give criticism and comments!!! And advise!!!
And have a great day!!!


With the cloak, he looks awesome. Without, he looks skinny and kinda armor-less.


Yeah… I’m still just now realized that

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Looks great; colour scheme works really well. The opaque purple shells on the tail look kind of awkward though.

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A great example of what you can do with an Inika build, good use of skull spiders as armour.

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Thank you!

I really like those rib cage armor shells. Very underutilized part, imo. They look great on this guy; especially the lower legs.

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Your MOC was featured on the latest episode of The Bionicle Inspiration Series:


Thank you. Already saw the episode. It was a good one! the yellow and grey moc was my favorite with its color distribution