Atequ The Illuminated (my symbol MOC)

As a preface, I'm sorry for the terrible lighting. It looked good on camera. Perhaps I'll get around to taking some pictures in natural light sometime soon.

Anyways, I figured it's about time I uploaded this. This is the latest version of my "symbol moc", Atequ. So here's the thing; this guy is perhaps the first reoccurring moc I made, and thus is kind of like a symbol of my history in bionicle mocing. He's sort of like a self moc, but his character doesn't really represent me as a whole, so I don't want to call him that.

Speaking of the character, I'm going to warn you that I haven't really worked out the specifics of his backstory, and I still need to make a gen 2 story. What I do know is that he is an experimental being somewhat akin to Karzahni or Artahka. His programmed purpose is to eliminate destructive beings, but upon becoming self aware, he realized that staging massive battles against destructive creatures is somewhat counter productive. The fights he started always ended in more chaos than his foes would have caused on their own. Because of this, he fled the Matoran universe to avoid causing any more destruction. Unfortunately, his urge to be rid of destructive forces built up sort of like a bloodlust. He ended up returning to satisfy that urge just in time for Teridax to take off with the MU. After that, I don't really have specifics as to what happens, but somehow he does end up on Spherus Magna.

As for personality, Atequ is less developed than Matoran in some ways and more in others. He thinks rather analytically, and wisdom comes easily to him. On the other hand, he doesn't really have compassion or empathy for anyone, so he is rather "cold". He functions on urges and knowledge alone; not emotion, so concepts like kinship and love irritate him. It's almost like he wants to understand it, but only for the sake of knowledge.

Anyways, enough blabbering. Here's the moc.

So, what do you think?


I like the chestplate look. The light blue is awkward and not scattered enough.

Yes, the legs could use some. It's hard to tell but the eyes are light blue and the wings have a bit too. Even yet, I can see your point.


Get Lhikan you skrub, and replace the Metru Chest waist armor.

But nah, this MOC looks really good, and I like the lighting effects.

I think maybe the sheer layering of the feet may be a bit much, but IDK. I think you could afford to get rid of the White HF feet on them.

Also no lateral bicep movement, but I digress. And I think the wings look a bit odd from the front, but it all still flows well enough.

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Looks awesome. I really like how well the leg armor flows.

Is immensely jealous because he can't find his golden kraakhan

this looks really nice, could use some more trans blue, and I don't like the feet, but the design is good.
the wings looks slightly awkward though,

also that sword though, man that looks cool, like a laser cutlass.

I like the MOC on the right... what's his name/will you post it?

The MOC on the right is from a topic he did found here

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The irony in this sentence

I really like this moc m8

But wait

Did u see dat?

Let me highlight it



Garnira is /@\ confirmed


Preety ok, not enaught ice blue, Needs bit more dark gold on legs... Wings should be Revamped (thats what i say!)... overall its nice one to have in collection!

Look man, I'm working on it. Okay, I just...I have a lot of Hobbies and Addictions to go through.

Okay nyran

let me tell you this

Drop your entire life

and order lhikan online

once he arrives, you may resume your entire existence


Dat lighting tho.

Looks like a pretty good MOC. Upper legs and upper arms look rather skinny and/or short in comparison to the rest of him, though. Also, I'm not fond of his colors. The white is well spread out, as is the black, and there's enough old gold for it to count, but the trans-blue and silver don't work, IMO.


Ek, you predicted me correctly for once.

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@Nyran buys a gold good guy,

instructions too vague.


Wait no pot8o.

He is Atequ the Illuminated.

Did you see it?

Atequ the Illuminated.

Garnira is Illuminati confirmed.

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or am I illumanatee

First off, where did you get that Gold Krahkan? Second, I am loving that sword; very clever use of Gorast's wings. I agree with everyone about the light blue, but otherwise I am loving this!

Tower of Toa playset.

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