Atlanto, the Aqua Dog

I wanted to use the Scuba throwbot's head. So I did.

I also wanted to build a non-insect CCBS animal. So I did.

He's got a weird hunchback thing going, which is unintentional and unfortunate.
His right front leg is mechanical. It was probably blown up.

He's not that great, but I'm satisfied with what he is.


What has happened to you Dark?


Nothing in particular, why?


Any way I actually rather like this thing. I don't know why though, I mean it's basically a pile of Parts thrown together to make a dog like thing.

The MOC is meh, it looks rather table-scrappy with the mechanical leg and awkward shape.

The paper is much more interesting.


Oh yeah, that. I think it's better than the MOC too. Also, if you can read it all from these pictures, you have great eye sight.

What's with the chest on his upper arm?

It's robotic.

That last line on the paper is a bit dark "They both shot him". Were you writing a story or were you writing about a book/movie?


I love how the paper interests me a lot more then the actual MOC.
"They both shot him" Why did they shoot him? Does he die? who are the shooters?

so many question!

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@GIF.Man.Ben I will post the story somewhere eventually, but if I posted it on the boards I would most likely get flagged for political discussion. For the record, though, I only wrote the first fourth, other people wrote the other three. It was a thing in English class where we had a prompt, one person used that for the first sentence, had 30-60 seconds to write, (I don't remember which), then we gave it to someone else while we were given someone else's. Also, it extends to the back, so that's not the last line.


how doge

Much Slizer
Very Surge
So Electric

@darkbrick999 I was just joking anyway so don't worry about. I don't want you getting in trouble or anything.

Where did you get the head?
Nice color scheme you've got going.

It's from the scuba Throwbot (or if your not American Slizer).