Atlas Beetle - Plague Mech: Tau

Atlas Beetle - Plague Mech: Tau

Whip Spider - Plague mech: Phi
Dung Beetle - Plague Mech: Kappa
Flea - Plague Mech: Upsilon
Atlas Beetle - Plague Mech: Tau
Earwig - Plague Mech: Lambda


This is epic! I like how you used those parts! What piece did you use for the wings?

The details of the horns on what I assume is the cockpit or faceplate is fantastic!

Reminds me of something from spider riders

Thanks! The wings, I believe, are from Insectoids (though I don’t know which set exactly).

Thank you! The head is where the whole build began, so I’m glad to hear that it still stands out.

I’m genuinely shocked that someone else remembers that show not gonna lie.