Atmos Toa of Vapor

This is Atmos the Toa of Vapor. This is my self M.O.C. Atmos is the Greek word for vapor. In the third picture, you will see that his chest opens up. This is a reference to The Transformers The Movie. When I was designing this, I wasn’t focused on making him very complex but it does have its fair share of that and also involves many building techniques that M.O.C makers use. Since I’m new, i cannot share too much, but i hope you like it.


Toa of… Vapor?

Jokes aside, nice build, but the color is a little inconsistent.


Yeah, when i made up the name, Iinstantly thought that atleast someone was going to reference Vapor from HF.

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This is some good experimentation with custom chest builds. Just wish I could actually zoom in on some of the pictures.