Atrak, Jungle Okotan Hunter

Hey there!
I was bored, so I drew another Okotan.

Atrak the Jungle Okotan Hunter

What do you guys think?
Does he match the style of my other Okotans (below)?

Dessun, Okotan Guard of the Region of Stone

Tanala, Okotan villager of the Water Region

Comments and Constructive Criticism appreciated!


I like how you gave them clothing and other accessories. Makes them all the more lifelike

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Thank you!

Yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth!:grinning:

I like.
Okotans are some of my favorite character types, they’re just cool.

Nice drawing!

Almost as good as me. xd /s

I like the first one the most.

These look really nice

I actually like matoran better (I first got into Bionicle in 2008), but I can’t draw them!:smile:

The first one’s my favorite too! You’re a great artist by the way!

@Toakopaka8943 Thank you!

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(Thanks mate.)
Keep up the great art.

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Thank you!:grinning:

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Were did you draw these?

I don’t actually know what you’re asking.
Do you mean “Where did I draw these?”

(Also, sorry for not replying sooner)

I dont really care about how long it takes to reply.

I mean at like at school at home

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Okay, thank you!
To answer your question, the top one was done at school, the middle one was done at my church, and the third one was done at my house.

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I hope this was done on free time, these are important to pay attention in. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Looking forward to new art! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah don’t worry!
It was after school and church were over!:grinning:

New artwork may be posted in another topic soon! :wink:

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