Attack in the ancient ruins (BRICKONICLE ENTRY)

This set is not meant to represent any event in particular of the mistika storyline even though it includes canon characters and vehicles. Also vehicles are not meant to be a 100% accurate representation of the former sets, but more of a reimagining. thanks for taking your time to read and enjoy my final entry

New from LEGO BIONICLE, the evil Makuta are trying to steal the powerful Axalara vehicle! Use Mazeka´s powerful turret to help Lewa in his all new form and defeat the Makuta

Functions include:
-Rotating 6 shooter
-Stud shooters
-Exploding floor
-Spring loaded shooters
-Secret ammo storage
-Secret door

Figures include:
-Makuta Krika buildable figure
-Makuta Gorast
-Buildable Mazeka

Pieces: 771 bricks
Price: $75
Set number: 7994


I want to buy this. I would really want to pick this up if it were real. Love the buildable Krika. Really captures the look of the figure, and the overall location piece is stunning.


This looks great! I love the Krika build.

An overall great job. I love how the brick built Swamp Strider and Axalara look.

######That Mazeka is brilliant.


The set as a whole doesn’t look like a $75 set tbh, but the detail is still great.
The Mazeka turret is cool, but I wish the “legs” were bigger because it looks so stubby.

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I don’t know what to say, other than that this is awesome and I would totally buy it.

I would buy this

This is fantastic.

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The swamp strider looks amazing.

Swamp strider and Axalara are awesome, though the Axalara looks like it has a face.

Looks awesome, only the Axalara should be a little bigger

Really good, not really feeling the Gorast/Lewa figs, but the build, as a whole, is fairly impressive. Krika could stand to be a bit spindlier, but I don’t see how that could be achieved.

I love the buildable krika.

Anyone else getting a Sonic level feel to this? Dunno why.

The flying green minifigure is neat!

Thanks! that´s supposed to represent Gorast, as for the sonic level… maybe the huge circle? lol


Mazeka looks really beefy, idk, I guess I just pictured AV Matoran as scrawny, but the Swamp Strider is amazing

This is great, it looks like something that could actually be a set made by lego.
A lot of other entry’s just end up being statues that people just like cause it’s something bionicle in brick form.
But this actually has play value and build value.

the giant Krika is kinda hilarious

but everything is pretty well done, I’d buy it

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this would’ve been nice.

but RIP @bluecel

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