Attack of the Helio [""""official"""" LEGO Set][MOC]

Since, as you know, Brickonicle is an official LEGO sponsored theme. Here is one of the “real” sets they will be producing.

Among the clouds of the Everstorm a Storm Rahi roams the sky.
This storm beast is part of the species called Helio.

Price 39.99 dollar/euro


Nice design for the Helio, but I’m not sure if the name fits. Helio is typically associated with the sun, but I’m not gonna nitpick on names.

Is the building a family hut or an outpost?


It can be both. didn’t really have a function for the structure in mind.

Something else I just noticed is the amount of support the building has. Since there’s only one leg, it would probably be very easy for it to fall (not the very bottom, the clear, round foundation seems pretty sturdy. It’s mainly the central portion of the leg, where it stops narrowing). Is there anyway to make it slightly thicker, or is one and done?
I know it’s computer generated, but still.

There is an axle holding everything together.


Looks cool, but the hut looks a bit bland. I really like the ‘Helios’, though.


I really like the Helio, but the building itself could be better. It just looks kinda boring.

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