Attempt at Outdoor Photography + Vizuna Revamp

It is surprisingly hard to get an up close photo of an apple tree with a laptop. I know, shocking isn’t it. I’m going to show you the revamp, and then there is going to be a mini-complaint about the first G2 graphic novel.

I tried to make Vizuna look like he does in the graphic novel (see below)

Outdoor photo (yes, he is sitting on the apple)

Some indoor photos that actually show how he looks.

I lengthened the legs and changed the bow’s grip to make it look more like the comic books. I replaced the trans-green shells with solid ones and removed the shoulder armor.

While I was getting Vizuna out of the tree, I almost dropped the Skull Spider and I lost a stud when the bow accidentally fired across the yard. (If you pay attention to how I re-did the grip, you’ll see why) Thankfully, I had exactly one extra in my desk.

Short complaint time.

The graphic novels are really awful when it comes to using them to revamp a set. For example, On page 6 (of the hardback novel), Vizuna is drawn to look like himself. On the next page, he is drawn to look like Narmoto. In the background of that same picture, Narmoto is drawn like Nilkuu. Oh yeah, and Vizuna doesn’t even get his tails drawn with him untill page 25. I’m not going to photograph the pages because of copyright reasons. But if you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself.
It is really hard to do a revamp based on the graphic novel.

##Second Edit
In hindsight, I should have had more than one blue skull spider in the outdoor photo. I should have put all five of mine, not just one.
##Third Edit
This is not supposed to be an impressive revamp, I needed an excuse to see if an outdoor photo would work.


Should I just put this in artwork or… I mean the picture is the highlight.

Anyway. Revamp Looks Nice and simple.


There is an artwork category? K den.

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Changed to artwork catagory

Without a doubt, the sets look nicer when photographed outside in nature with the best lighting nature can provide as oppose to indoor shadowy dark lightning and the artifical human sized furniture.