ATTENTION: Board Updates Incoming

ATTENTION: Board Updates Incoming

Hi there everyone!

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Hawkjay, one of the original “founders” of TTV, and that guy that’s historically not been around. Seeing as I’ve rejoined the cast and crew of TTV, I’ve decided to put some much needed energy into restructuring the Boards to better organize them, and generally make quality of life updates to them.

Firstly, do not panic. All changes will be outlined and all new rules will be updated in both the main “Rules” board and a topic pinned to the top of each subcategory. However, this also means that there are no excuses for not knowing these updates are occuring and how they affect you.

Secondly, I’ll be looking for your input, seeing as you all have been active on these boards significantly longer than I have been. Where should our efforts be focused and what kinds of organizational/rules things would you like to see in place?

As it stands, the majority of subcategories don’t need a new set of rules or any changes. however they will all receive a pinned topic with a brief summary of what’s expected from your conduct in that category. For most, these will be simple cut and pastes with a link back to the main rules post for the Boards as a whole, but for some these topics may get a little more in depth.

Most Importantly, the RPGs and Literature subcategories will be receiving the majority of my attention at this moment as they seem to need the most attention. This does not mean I do not want to devote attention to other forums, but they’re the two that stand out to me on casual viewing, which is why I’m asking for your help.

Bear in mind that the purpose of this is to make navigating the boards an overall more pleasant experience, whilst also reducing the effort required to moderate the boards. If everyone does their part, this will go off without a hitch : D

And yes, before you all ask: Old Topics Will Be Grandfathered In. What this means, is that if you post a topic before these changes go active, you will not be penalized in any way. The only exception to this rule will be currently ongoing RPGs - and I urge those playing in the more popular RPGs to contact me privately about what that means for you if you have questions while I prepare the outline of what will be changing.


I for one welcome our new Kini Overlord



all hail kini, the new message boio


How extensive will these changes be? Like, how much is going to change, and how drastically? Also, when are these changes going to be put into place?


The Majority of changes will be minor, if at all. The most extensive ones are going to simply imput some rules as to how topics should be organized and how separate discussion topics for Stories and RPGs will function


Thank you. Being someone who is currently running an RPG game, could you maybe give an example or two for how the changes will effect them?


I am ready for the change.

If you don’t mind, I second this.


The biggest changes are going to be in regards to the first post in RPG topics going forward. These topics MUST include a summary of the game and what the plot is. I’ll be starting my own game that can be used as a basic template for what’s expected going forward, but all that will be is a way to get a general idea, you can go as insane or basic as you like with that.

Asides from that, game and discussion topics will be more clearly marked going forward, and there will be a time limit that RPGs run for, just to keep things from getting out of hand. Unfortunately yes, this means that 10k posts RPGs probably won’t exist anymore, but this can be revisited as necessary. We’re going to demo a 3 month limit on RPGs - they can be restarted after, but this allows the first post to reflect current events in the RPG and let new players join without feeling intimidated.

Unfortunately this is where the RPGs will not be grandfathered in. Depending on how you guys feel, we’ll be giving you a week to a month to wrap things up and prepare your RPG to fit the new format rules. That DOES NOT START FROM TODAY, BUT FROM THE DATE I UPDATE THE RULES IN THE RPGS FORUM. You’ll have warning : )


rip howling dark


So I’m running one right now, and I kinda already passed that. Does that mean a currently running game will get shut down when the changes are in place? Also, would it be at all possible to make a “continuation” topic of sorts if the rp isn’t finished within the limit? I’m just not entirely sure how to adapt all this to what I’m currently working with. And will sign up topics need to be formatted differently at all?


So the current game topic will get shut down yes, but you will absolutely be allowed to start a continuation topic. Like I said, it helps keep things for new players up to date and easier to jump into. Sign up topics will remain the same : )


So let me know if I’m reading this right. When you make an rp topic, there is a time limit. When that time limit runs out, you need to have a “this is what’s happened so far” plot synopsis at the beginning of the continuation topic, and things can continue as normal. Is there anything I’m missing?


Nope, that about sums it up!


Will the extremely long rps (like howling dark)be deleted?

Thank you. This will be easy to adapt to.


Deleted no, I know how tempting it can be to go back and reread awesome moments, but the topics will be closed and continued in a new one!


Seems fine to me.