ATTENTION: Board Updates Incoming

I may actually have found a Plugin to handle that, if people are interested we can look into implementing it, but It's certainly not a priority at the moment.



Great to see you return Kini! Missed having you part of the roster!

These Board updates sound interesting, can't wait to see them implemented.


Since you're taking a look into everything on the Boards and such, I was wondering if there could be some performance enhancements? I feel like after I post comments/topics, and visit some longer than normal posts the page stutters and borderline freezes at times. I'm unsure if anyone else has had these issues, but it's something I've observed over the past little bit!

Furthermore, while I'm not one to watch TTV Podcasts and the like, it's good to see ya back in action! Hope you stick around for the ride and such!

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So unfortunately I'm not super well versed in how exactly Discourse works, so I can't promise any kind of performance upgrades or enhancements, but I'm hoping that the new organizational systems will help to decrease overall server load and thereby make things run a bit smoother.

While I personally haven't run into anything like you've described yet, I'll definitely make note of it and look into it!

Hail Eljay


Hey, @Kini_Hawkeye!

I'm excited to hear about the revamping of the site, good changes are coming surely!

I was wondering if there's a way that you can make it so that locked topics no longer appear as new?

That's been a thing I've seen a lot that I think could be changed. I'm not sure if there's a reason for keeping them in the list of new topics (besides maybe for the people who want to read through them regardless).

To me, a locked topic is basically useless if you can't contribute, and if it's locked then the majority of times it's because a mod closed it, meaning it probably isn't worth reading through anyways.

That's my viewpoint though, I was just wondering if that's a thing that could be done.

Good luck with the continued updates!

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That seems odd to me, i'll take a look, might have to do with how we show "new" topics.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure we table that idea!



As someone who was a mod for 3 years, mods can unlist a topic at any time to make it invisible. The reason we often did not do that was because we wanted to give an example of what not to do. If we had unlisted things immediately, users would likely continue making the same mistakes over and over especially since no one reads the rules. Generally we would try to unlist the topic after a while, but it usually would get forgotten and buried in the slew of new topics.

Obviously I can’t speak for the new staff, but that’s my perspective on it.


That's a fair reason.

It is annoying to see them there, but I realize there's no easy way to enforce the rules and the mods need to do whatever they can.

Would it be possible to remove them from the New list specifically without unlisting them? That way a user can still view the topic (and maybe learn what not to do), but it wouldn't clutter the New list?

I don't know, just an idea.