Attention: I need artists and moc makers!

Why I need artists: I’m currently writing a bionicle fanfiction and I want a movie poster to go along with the first act of my story. I will be willing to pay between $10-20 dollars (depending on whether I want to even use the artwork in the first place) for the poster and will be citing the creator for their work. If interested in creating the movie poster for my fanfiction, you can direct message me on Discord(Avnuva#7523) or Instagram(kopekegang).

Why I need Mocests: Moc contests! I’m currently already using existing designs for my fanfiction when describing characters from G1, but there are some characters that I’d like to get redesigned and that’s where I’ll need the help of moc makers. Note, I will NOT be paying for the usage of a someone else’s moc in order to use an image of it, however I will be citing the creator of the moc in my fanfiction. For more informations, direct message me on Discord(Avnuva#7523) or Instagram(kopekegang).

Warning: Any participants will be spoiled to where my fanfiction will be leading in the future. So if you’re invested in my story, I do not recommend participating in this

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Sounds like a good way to encourage your artists not to put too much effort.


So, maybe you should nail the character appearances first before moving onto your movie poster. Maybe that would be less reason for you to discard a poster someone may have worked on a lot, if the characters are at least accurate.


Sorry you can’t promo a collab/fan project you have to be a Master for that.