Aurelio Voltaire

I’m surprised that there isn’t a topic for this chap’s music yet.

Anyways, I always had Voltaire for a highly creative person. His songs are quite hummable and rhythmic, which makes them relatively easy to remember. I also like the “Disney” vibe they are giving off, making them sound very classical and classy. That’s two Cs people!

I will be honest, not all of his content is fit for the boards such as CathouseTragedy or The Dirtiest Song that Ain’t. So I would ask of you to be, well… discrete in which songs of his you post.

The aforementioned two are sadly high up there as my two favorites, so I can’t post them. My fourth and third favorite songs are When You’re Evil and The Beast of Pirate’s Bay respectively.

Links to songs:

So, do you like this artist? - Do you think he is good/bad/okey? - Discuss bellow.


I haven’t listened to a lot of his songs, but I do find “Brains” and “Land of the Dead” pretty catchy.

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Pretty much the perfect word to describe most of his songs. They all have very easy lyrics and quite a lot of rhythm to them, making it quite memorable.