Auron: Angel of Darkness

This is probably the biggest and most complex MOC I’ve ever made. This 47cm tall creation is supposed to be a biological, living exoskeleton protecting a human inside it. This dude took me about 3 months, 2 bricklink orders and about 1000 parts until he was finally done. Probably the best thing I’ve ever made.

It may not look like it, but he can actually move his legs. It’s just downright impossible to pose him when his legs aren’t standing normal. Dudes extremely heavy


Incredible. This is simply amazing!

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Thank you:). It took me almost 3 months to build him


So much detail… everywhere!

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I love this moc, how complex it is and the colorscheme it has also looks pretty cool

and it’s incredible that it is half a meter tall, that’s awesome

Thanks :3

That’s a really interesting use of the golden gate pieces you got there. Great job

Thx :3

Hey look, it’s Sauron with golden and green highlights!


Looks pretty good! I think that there could be more green on it though.

Considering that the green represents some kind of crystals, it would appear a bit weird if he had it on his arms n legs

Its glorious. So large and it looks fairly stable

Looks like something out of Lord of the Rings of Warhammer. Fantastic!

Shoulders are set very low

My kind of MOC, absolutely love it

Looks great, can really tell the work that went into it.

@Calebmar12 Sadly it isn’t that stable :confused:

@Jayfa Thank you :slight_smile:

@ThatchMac Thx :3

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Dude. This is amazing. Needs to be on the MOC spotlight NOW.

This seems very thought out and verywell made! My only complaing would be the blocky lower legs since everything else on this MOC seems curved, inricate, contrasting those rough, heavy legs and feet. (Just nit-picking). I love the detail and shaping on everything (except legs I guess), Love the skirt-tailing-cloth thingy with that brilliant gate usage. Love the head design on this MOC - sets the style for the whole thing, works well with that detail on the torso, Long-story short I really like this!


…biological, living exoskeleton protecting a human inside it…

Sooo…It’s a evangelion (rofl)

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Not very angel-like, but very reminiscent of Dark Souls, which I have, unfortunately, yet to play. Been seeing WIP’s of this dude for a while now, and I gotta say I’m quite fond of the end result. The proportions are a bit wonky but it really works for the character.

Well done. and happy new year!

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It looks so amazing. Good job!