Autobot Symbol (4.0)

I also tried to make an Autobot symbol.

Yeah, it didn’t quite work out. So I tried making a new one (twice) recently.

They… also didn’t work.

But I think I think I finally cracked the code. For my latest attempt I tried messing around with the proportions…

And I think it actually works.


The pointy top and triangular bottom make it look kinda like a red Decepticon symbol, but it’s pretty good. An improvement over your previous versions, for sure.

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2 & 3 look…weird. But the others looks awesome.

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I really like the last one!

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The last symbol feels more like a deceptibot then an autobot

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Shattered Glass?


It kind of looks like what a squad comprised of decepticon defectors would use as a crest, similar to the dinobots and wreckers.

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It works.

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