Autumn's Rise

Now I enjoy writing poetry, but I’m probably not the best, tbh I’m sure I’m awful.
But anyway this is what inspired me

The wisp of smoke above the dome,
High, where nestled birds make their home.
The Azure haze above the rippling beck,
Soft crunching of Autumn; red robin’s neck.
The fair wealth of leaves laid down to rest.
A golden brush of Autumn leaves Earth blessed.
Empty trees, tall and bare;
Their forgotten guests rustle in the air.
Crisp clean breezes bring Winter’s touch.
All kingdoms fall, how Autumn dreams it weren’t such…

Tell me what you think. Ik it isn’t great but I want to improve. Is it bad for a 15 minute job? Let me know please


I’m not sure what’s with all the poems today, but would you mind me using this for home work? I need to gather some poems online. I legitimately like it!

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Ok. Tell me what happens to it please

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