Avatar (Blue People movie) Sets and series discussion

The plot may be shallow but the worldbuilding is rich and unlike any other science-fiction series I’ve seen. I love the human tech (ISV Venture Star my beloved) and the flora and fauna of Pandora (Blue People home planet) it’s one of the most eye-catching worlds out there and I hope the new movie brings more to the story.

The revealed set:

So to hear that there may be a Lego range and then to see evidence that those rumours are true is very exciting for me. What’s everyone else’s thoughts? I know Avatar is not very popular but in terms of part recolours etc. maybe there is appeal? Anyone else have a bit of nostalgia for the 2009 film? I hope to see some sets from the previous film featuring scenes like the AMP Suit versus that Panther looking thing.


It’s nice to see them bring back the jack stone scale arms and legs. The red dragon creature looks like a dollar store knockoff of 71753 Legacy Fire Dragon Attack.


I for one am very happy to see the return of the Woody limbs. Now here’s hoping they get released in black.

What? No reason nope there’s no reason none at all nuh uh


I’ll admit, I’ve never seen any of these movies, but this set does look incredible. Now If only they’d make avatar the last airbender sets again.

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more non-human heads = good

wunger hath spoken


I for one wish the woody legs stayed dead.

The set is pretty good, if lego wasn’t increasing their prices I would buy it.

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The builds are meh, but those Nex Breakout pointy pieces in translucent pink and minifigures are cool

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Those Toruk wings will be great for makuta MOCs.

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Fixed that for you.

I need those arms and legs for a minifiging project.

Also, that longbow has great potential for DnD self-figs


4 new sets were revealed on LEGO’s shop page


I’d called it that Thanator VS AMP from the finale would make sense as a set, although I had imagined they’d include site 26 in that, but I like what they’ve done with the set budgets.

Definitely disappointed by the AMP being sand green, it’s grey in the movie. Just grey. And certainly bigger. But hey, it’s a starting point for a revamp. Also the six legged cat would look better all black imo. Still, good contents and the head mold for it looks spot on.

Banshee’s, yeah uh those round pegs are quite distracting again but otherwise looks nice.

Site 26 in the “floating mountains” (Looks like they didn’t want to use its movie name :stuck_out_tongue:) lab looks good, it’s an easy subject to capture. Samson looks good although once again is super chibi.

Brickheadz…meh lol

Thanks for posting these pictures here @TheTDChronicler


as one of the few people who seem to actually like avatar I’ve been looking forward to these sets for a while

I’d say the smallest set is probably my favourite, although I do agree that the Thanator should be all black and the AMP suit should be grey. I guess they just wanted more vibrant colours to help it sell better? I also can’t help but notice that the AMP’s gun has been replaced with some sort of bright yellow spiked cricket bat:

The banshee set is probably my least favourite of the bunch. The banshees themselves are missing the claws on their second set of wings, which essentially means they have no legs. Similarly, the main wing construction looks completely rigid aside from the shoulders, which means they almost certainly can’t achieve a proper landed position. They look quite blocky as well and the colour schemes seem a bit off, not to mention the awkward copyright notice printed on the wings.

I like the Samson but I feel the propeller assemblies are a bit too small. I also have no idea why they used yellow half bushings when they could’ve very easily just used grey ones, or better yet just switched out the axle connector for a pin connector and used a 3-stud-long frictionless pin to attach the propellers, which would’ve brought them closer to the main hub anyway.


I suspect it was a “we cannot have a modern-day type gun in a set” sorta deal. I do know the AMP’s can be fitted with different tools though, so the yellow thing whilst inaccurate could be a forestry tool for clearing access to mining sites.

Yeah I’ve hesitated to use that word but the Last Shadow and the Banshees both do look a bit awkward, a shame really, but there’s hope that people may make MOV’s.

Also yeah the yellow bushing thing is weird, had the same deal happen on the DeLorean set, right next to a grey bushing too.


Question: why are there two Jake Sullys? Is it a real part of the movie, or is it something done for leaked box art?

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It took eighteen years to get this piece in sand green.

It took twenty-one years to get this piece in teal.

There are people in college who are as old as these molds are. At this rate, my great grandchildren will be around when the tan bohrok eye gets released.


Jake has a human body and an avatar body, and in the movie his consciousness switches between the two


What Atobri said, also it’s in the name “Avatar” as the alien body he is using is actually of a race called Na’vi. As Jake now is a Na’vi permanently, I get the impression Mr Cameron will be trying to move away from the name Avatar in regards to the franchise.


That would make sense, given that there’s already a show called Avatar that is totally unrelated to the movie.