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I think that the ability to take bending away was given to Korra as an extension of Aang. Aang was taught how to energybend by the Lion Turtles, and he used this technique through Korra. However with Korra's severed connection to her past lives, I don't think she would have been able to complete energybending without first visiting the Lion Turtles.

Also, platinum is the weakness to metalbending; it is the most refined of metals, to the point where there's hardly any earth left in it to bend. This was seen back in Season One, in which the mecha tanks were made out of platinum so they could stand against metalbenders.

With the Red Lotus being a rather insane anarchist cult, as well as probably only being formed/reformed in the weeks/few months after Zaheer's team's prison escape, it's pretty likely that they would only be able to find a few minorly skilled volunteers.

That being said, what I personally do not get is why Aang somehow never learned metalbending from Toph. I assume it's just because he got busy with the New Republic work with Zuko, but Toph was directly his earthbending master. You'd think he'd at least try to work with such a valuable skill.

Also, I was extremely disappointed that Zuko did not at least once show that he had mastered lightning/blue fire, or show off the "Dragon's Breath" move.


The Book 4 premiere has just aired! Thoughts? Opinions? Gripes?


Holy freaking cow, I loved this episode. I just finished book 3 all at night so I was just in time for the premiere and I'm glad I was. I felt like this totally set up the rest of season and I'm more excited for this season because of this episode than I have been for any other season of TLA or LoK. I really like Kuvira's character and I like the positions that all the characters are in, mainly how Bolin and Mako are kind of on opposite sides of the conflict and Korra's low but undeniably interesting state. Also, Varrick appeared and filled my day with joy, even if just for a moment. That guy does not get nearly as much screen time as he deserves. Interesting that he's with Kuvira...
Again, I'm very excited for the rest of the season, and I have high hopes that it will deliver more than previous books.


This is one of my favorite episodes from both the last airbender and Korra! Kuvira intentions are not bad, but human and that what I love about the villain. SO excited for the next episode!


I love how Korra's antagonists have gotten more and more progressively grey. Kuvira is one of my new favorite characters: she's already the kind of leader I would want to be if I was in that universe. She's calculating, strong, gives mercy and aid, but only to those who swear by her. She is a conqueror, but definitely one with a strong conscience.

And also, Varrick's back! I love Varrick. He's kind of like myself incarnate in the Avatar world. I love every moment on screen with him.


I can totally see you being Varrick... but who would be Zhu li be?

Viper. She's the only female cast member I could stand long enough to be my assistant.


Can we avoid spoilers? I'm only halfway through book two, but I still want to discuss the show with you guys.

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Dang, I somehow managed to completely forget about that... :confused:

Spoiler tags are the answer.

Anyway, I don't have too much to add to what's been said, but that was definitely a good episode. I had some problems with the first two seasons, but season 3 I liked better, and it seems that the writers are 100% back on track now.

One minor gripe is that some of the modern expressions the characters use occasionally are jarring, like "long-distance relationship" in the last episode.

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Season 3 was kinda eh compared to Season 1 and pretty much all of ATLA. The middle few episodes were some of the WORST ever, but the first few and last few of the season were pretty good, so its a mixed bag for me. Season 4 has got a good start so far, but then again so did Season 3 (and like I just said, I HATED the middle season 3 episodes). I really hope Korra goes out with a bang. A large, triumphant bang.

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I disliked the middle Book 2 episodes a lot more than any book 3 ones. What specific S3 eps/plotlines were you not fond of?

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Now that I think about it I think i missed a few of the middle Book 2 episodes. I'll go back and watch them. The thing wrong about Book 3 plot lines is 1. They feel a bit rushed and 2. The characters display zero emotion in half of these episodes. I guess the voice actors got lazy or something, because the voice acting was pretty abysmal for avatar standards.

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Hmmm, I still can't quite remember the mid-Book 3 plotlines. Mind giving me a refresher about what you're referring to?

Middle of Season 3 ~ Spoilers Ahead

In the middle of season 3, Team Avatar go to Zaofu, home of the Metal Clan. They stay there from episodes 5 - 8. The plot is mainly focused on Lin's backstory, and her broken relationship with Suyin. At least for the first few episodes; mainly 5 & 6.

Episode 7 showcases the new air bender's storyline, and them training with Tenzin at the air temple.

Episode 8 is where the Red Lotus try and kidnap Korra while she's asleep/paralyzed by poison.

I don't think these episodes are that bad, I think it's all a matter of how much you like Lin as a character. Then again, I can see why episode 7 might be considered filler.


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I barely looked away in time.

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