Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra Discussion Topic

just discuss the series as a whole what you like/ dont like etc., etc.

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Verrick! Verrick is my man. That’s all I have to say.


I just got into this series around the beginning of this month (July) I believe. Finished TLA in a few weeks, started Korra and got through Book 1, but haven’t seen Book 2 yet. I like Korra, but prefer The Last Airbender. I loved every second of every episode. I love that there is actually a plot to the series as a whole. I love characters. Everything about TLA was just right for me, and it holds the position of my favorite TV show (formerly held by Transformers: Prime).

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Korra got absolutely AWFUL after Episode 3 of Season 3. I mean, the first few episodes were good, had a good build up to the new characters, etc. Thennnnnn boom, no character development, lazy voice acting, rushed dilemmas, etc. It’s a real shame, I hope it gets better in future episodes.

Legend of Korra? I’m a classic Avatar fan! The old one is way better! I watched that show so many times!

Huh, that’s really interesting. I’ve yet to hear a complaint like this about Season 3. Most people complain about Season 2, which I can see be justified. But I felt like Season 3’s had a lot of character development for Korra, and that she’s grown up as a whole. I’ve enjoyed a bunch of the new characters too. But maybe I’m missing something. Mind going into more detail as to what you don’t like about it?


I’ve heard rumours on YouTube about the rest of season 3 (which is actually called “Book 3”) and all of season 4 (which is called “Book 4”) of The Legend of Korra T.V. series in being cancelled on T.V. and will going to be available only online!!! :frowning:

I felt like after Episode 3, character development just stopped. Bolin turned into an absolute moron (ala spongebob syndrome) Mako is virtually non existent, and Korra and Asami really don’t have any more changes. The real crime is the voice acting. Lin and korra’s voice actors all talk in a sort of monotone voice now for some reason, and Opal just sounds plain weird (some of her lines are also very odd, like “I don’t like the way you are talking to me”). The new relationships are also very rushed, like JinoraXKai, and BolinXOpal. They happened within a day or 2 with little to no true development or reason. Compare that to the relationships in TLA, which took time and had plenty of development (even Sokka’s relationships didn’t feel rushed, and Zuko + Mai were already established as knowing each other from childhood). All in all Season 3 just feels pointless to me. Season 2 at least had character development for Korra and introduced a few new things, but Season 3 pretty much just has the new air benders, who were only prominent in the first few episodes before being almost forgotten.


okay so let me say that I very much prefer TLA to LOK, TLA I found more amusing and light hearted, and LOK tryed to be serious and funny at the same time which was…ok? I am not sure, but I still like TLA the most and LOK is okay imo

This is true; Korra won’t be being broadcast on TV and will only be available online.
Also, Noatok and Tarrlok. That is all…

okay that was wierd
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now lets move on

That’s all very fair. I thought the relationships were kind of rushed myself. Honestly Season 2 felt like it really hit its stride with “Beginnings” in the midseason. I do feel like the new locations and plot makes me want to watch the series more than it did with the beginning of Season 2, which is why I would rank this Season better. But Last Airbender did really have it nailed down.

I never really bothered to watch the new show. If wasn’t really where I’d expected the show to go, and the change of scenery and characters made me lose my interest.

The Legend Of Korra Book 3 finale has aired. Any thoughts guys?

that battle was really really good seriously it was great but a few things

you let the same person who escaped prison by blowing a gust of wind at a security guard, without even taking away that guys airbending, how stupid are you?

you shaved a girl, now she looks like she boy the elf WHY?!

platinum not being able to be metal bended: can someone explain…isnt platinum a metal…

the fact that suddenly bolin can lave bend: I swear the I guess now I do or whatever he said was put in as a subtlish joke regarding the convenience of being able to lava bend, given the fact that his bro was a fireebender means that one of his parents was a firebender…so that means bolin is half and half resulting in lava bending

stupidity of red lotus: seriously didnt think of the fact that she could break out of the chains in her avatar state when she is at her most powerful? (she is at her most vunrable as well) but still thats freaking stupidity at its best

other red lotus members: seriously they could have had a couple of dogs do the work they did

flight: so when mrs combustion woman exploded and mr baldy lost it, she was the only thing on the planet that he loved? wow okay so he isnt passionate about killing all world leaders and restoring peace or whatever
explain this please

maybe thats more then a few things, but that my 2 cents

Which person are you referring to?

Jinora had to get shaved to receive her full set of tattoos. She may grow her hair back à-la pre-Sozin’s Comet airbenders.

Korra didn’t bend the platinum. She broke the chains with sheer physical Avatar State strength.

Bolin’s ability was a bit too convenient. However, I don’t think it has to do with mixed bending parents. If it does, the creators have just validated my Earthbender/Firbender fan-fiction character :smile:

Yep, definitely not Zaheer’s brightest moment…

Meh, not everyone has to be a prodigy.

I got the impression that P’li was the only thing Zaheer was selfishly attached to. Zaheer believed that his quest to descend the world into chaos was for the greater good. He wasn’t being selfish like Ozai or Sozin were in ATLA.

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first one was zaheer thought that was obvious
I meant it as she looks horrible
not while in the prison, while combustion woman was alive you know that part right when zaheer discovered flight

Keep in mind that Zaheer was originally imprisoned as a non-bender. The White Lotus have probably found a way to incarcerate him in a prison impervious to airbending.

Jinora certainly looks odd bald. We’ll just have to wait to see how she looks in Book 4.

That’s the sequence I was referring to.

so they still could have taken away a extremely dangorous threats bending
makes it easier
and lastly
you arent understanding me are you? I meant why isnt platinum being able to be bended using metal bending…if they
can only bend one type of metal then just call it that, and you said avatar state, I dont believe she went into her avatar state…in fact she was captured