Aveex's Sprite Art

What’s Up my Folks,Jokes,And Pokes!
(can you feel the cringe?)

I’ve been thinking about making a video game,so I made some Early game Sprites…
so I need your Feedback

Here’s me As a Sprite

Here’s some Enemy Sprites

Ruby Wolf

Dark Warrior

Other Things

Red Orb Floating

Blue Orb Floating

Possible Logo?

Red Sword

here’s Other things I made for fun

Update 1:
I’ve Made some more and Changed the title!

Here is My group Logo,The Toa Avaku ,In sprite art

Red version

Orange Version

Yellow Version

Green/lime Version

Light Blue

Blue Version

Purple Version

Brown Version

Black Version

Avaku Background Logo

And here’s this one…

Update 2:

I’ve made more…
the 2 I’ve made are Sprites of the Mask of 2 member in my Bio-tube group,The Toa Avaku

Heres Me (Aveex)

Blue Eyes

Lime Eyes

With A background like my profile Picture

and here’s Bionicle Titan

The Program I used made this orange More of an Orange-red
in this one.but in the other It’s fine

Here’s BionicleTitan’s Mask with a Background

Update 4

Bionicle Masks

Tahu Mata’s Hau

Gali Mata’s Kaukau

Lewa Nuva’s Miru

I NEED your Feedback Please Help me Thanks!


This might be counted as Advertisement

that heart breaking along with the text is suspiciously Undertale.


What is your sprite doing in the last pic? Shuffling its feet?

The sprites look good. I like the Dark Warrior but I’d shorten the length of his shoulders just slightly.

Really? I’m showing off Sprites I’ve Made! It’s No different then anyone else show their art…

Yep,I just wanted to see how good I was a recreating thing…

It’s was kind of a Test of A walking Cycle…It’s REALLY bad,I know…


Pretty good, reminds me of Earthbound/Mother 2. May I ask what program you used for these? I haven’t found a good sprite maker yet.

I think you might need some work on the animations and the words. The walking doesn’t look too good, and uh… that writing though.

I Used This!


They look very interesting. Nice job


Game Ovre, nice sprites

oh no… I messed that up…crap…

This is great stuff, I’m looking forward to the game! Also, the Ruby Wolf a walk cycle.

Nice sprite art! I particularly like the game over animation.

Here’s some more!