Avengers: Endgame

I am very happy to announce that the title of the fourth Avengers movie would be Endgame, my favourite out of all the leaked titles.

Here is my idea for the movie (contains spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp, but since the following idea is based on rumours that may not be correct, take it with a grant of salt):
Last time we saw Scott Lang, he was captured in the Quantum Realm. It is official that in this realm the time starts to play tricks. My guess is that he will get caught there for some time, until he finds a temporal vortex or something and he will be teleported in the future, in the normal world. He goes to his home and sees his daughter older (Casey Lang was also recasted, now she is played by a teenager). Here we have the opportunity of a funny moment: “Why are you older? Where is Hope? Why half of the population is gone?” And basically the whole time travelling thing starts. It was leaked A THOUSAND OF TIMES that the avengers will time travel, that they will make their own gauntlet and will collect the Infinity Stones from different moments of the history. I’ve also heard that there will be a fight with Thanos in the timeline of the New York Incident.
This idea seems good enough, but it would mess with the timeline at such a scale that we would not be able to set the simplest movies in a new timeline. Basically, Phase 2 to 3 would be demolished, and it would practically be a Days of Future Past scenario.
So again, this may not happen.

Sadly, I am almost 100% sure that Iron Man will die. I like to think that Phase 1 to 3 were almost entirely dedicated to Tony Stark: we saw how he rose and fell, how he changed from an arrogant billionaire to a responsible hero, how he sacrificed himself (more than once), how he had to make a choice that changed the destiny of ALL of our heroes, and how he saw his own apprentice dying in his own hands. Endgame would be the perfect final chapter for his saga.

Here are the ONLY 2 promotional pictures that we’ve got for this movie:

(Note that Hawkeye is still Hawkeye, and not Ronin, and that Steve Rogers is Captain America again)

(Note that Thanos is having the Infinity Gauntlet with all 6 of the Infinity Stones again)

We also know that the movie is WAY AHEAD of schedule, so they will either release it earlier, or they will use all of this spare time to improve some scenes and the CGI. Either way, this is awesome.
However, I have doubts that Avengers 4 will end up being better than Avengers: Infinity War. Unless it wins a award, it can’t be better.

Anyway, what do you guys think about it? It would be good? It would be bad? Who will return and who will remain dead?


I don’t like the idea of time travel, because the movies we’ve already seen may not come to pass, and people will start theorizing about random characters coming back (one of my friends already has hopes of Yondu returning). However, Marvel has proven my doubts wrong, with Ragnarok and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5, so they’d probably make it work.

Okay, but can we PLEASE have Luis explain it? Possibly the funniest moment in the movie could be Thanos speaking in his voice!

I’ve heard a rumor that only two Avengers from the original six will survive, and I want to bet on Hulk and Thor. However, seeing how Clint never got to be Ronin, I’m hesitant to believe this rumor now, or Hulk will die too. I’ve already prepared myself for Cap’s death since the trailer of Infinity War, and if Hulk or Thor died, I’d be sad, but the other three I really would be fine with dying.


I imagined that, and I can’t stop thinking at it!

Yah, I’ve heard that too. Wel let’s see:

  • Iron Man will die.
  • Captain America will also die, because it was teased numerous times that Bucky or Sam will became the new Captain America (I hope it will be Bucky).
  • Black Widow: Still has a lot of potential, but it seems that Disney don’t really have plans with her. I’ve heard that her upcoming movie will be a prequel.
  • Hulk: It would be cool for him to die, to end the whole story arc that started in Ragnarok and continued in Infinity War.
  • Thor: He still needs to be the King of the Remained Asgardians.
  • Hawkeye: We still have the potential with the whole Ronin story.

Eh, it wasn’t really leaked. We’ve seen some spicy pics of the Avengers in A1 getups and some odd devices on their wrists, and people have theorized that this involves time travel, but nothing of the actual plot has been leaked.

A theory that I’m willing to believe is dimension hopping. The Avengers might use the Quantum Energy provided by Ant-Man (which was revealed in Ant-Man and the Wasp to have the ability to make people travel between dimensions, i.e. Ghost) to travel to alternate dimensions, meeting and maybe recruiting different versions of themselves to fight Thanos while learning from their other selves to be true heroes again. I don’t believe all of it, but it’s possible.

There’s a video on YouTube about the whole theory, check it out!

I would actually love to see this.

I’d have to agree with this, but we’ll wait and see. I was almost certain he was dead in Infinity War when he got stabbed.

Have faith, friend. Marvel knows what they’re doing. At the very least I believe it will be just as good. It’s the second part to an already great film, if anything it’s just MORE Infinity War!

There will still be shocking moments, there will still be turmoil, and I have the feeling it’s going to change the MCU in big ways!


Not a chance.




I think Scott is going to stay in the Quantum Realm for several years and somehow avoid aging and then get rescued by Captain Marvel, or at least the latter.

Can you link it to me?


The title says confirmed, but take everything with a grain of salt.

Tom Holland has simply let a detail slip, and the theory that makes up the rest of the video is just speculation.

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Hm… Interesting…

Steve Rodgers will die. Iron man 4 is pretty confirmed so I doubt he’s going anywhere. Strange will probably die stressing his powers. Vision’s programming was possibly backed up in Wakanda so I can see him getting a new bod. If modok gets introduced to the MCU I hope he’s not a floating head

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I’ve never heard of a confirmed Iron Man 4.

Nope. As Spider-Man and Black Panther, he has a confirmed sequel.

That’s actually pretty cool!

Ah. [quote=“Toa_Vladin, post:10, topic:45874”]
I’ve never heard of a confirmed Iron Man 4.
I heard it from a trusted source. He could be wrong though

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imo infinity war wasn’t that good so it’ll be pretty easy to do that

does yor uncle work at marvel?

Anyway, why is there a spoiler tag on the topic if the movie isn’t out?

I’m pretty excited for it because infinity war was very bland as a marvel movie for me.

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aah u sukkk

Anyone else know one of those ppl that hate movies cuz characters they like die? Drives me crazy.

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I am referring spoilers from other movies, like Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Well what I told you that they might do reminder of the Infinity Gauntlet story arc with bits of other Avengers stories in between I would guess that I think not all the Avengers will be killed off, but the original six Avengers might be killed off to saved the ones that are in the Soul Stone.

There are rumors that two original Avengers will survive.

IF LOKI COMES BACK I’LL FIGHT SOMEONE (just kidding, but Thanos seemed to confirm his death, whatever theories say)

Heimdall is dead for sure, and I can see Gamora either way.

Highly unlikely. The only way I can even see this movie working is if they did Taskmaster, but it seems everyone would be less interested in an Iron Man 4 than in Solo. At least, that’s my opinion.

Who gonna fight Mordo then?

I really like this theory, mainly because I don’t think Shuri would just leave him defenseless on a table. However, I kind of don’t want Vision to return…

Can he be a head in a jar on a chair? That’d be kind of cool, similar to the Russian guy in Season 4 of Agents.

I had this strange idea, what if the Avengers have to trade a soul for a soul? That could explain why even though Betsy Ross and Lady Sit were confirmed dead (sniffle for the last Asgardian who remained unchanged since Thor 1), but are most likely not returning. However, I feel the death count would end up too high for this movie, it wouldn’t really be saving anyone, and would the Avengers really leave half the universe’s population in a rock? They would find another way, Quantum Realm or something…


Well I think they just spared Thor and Hawkeye do to for the possible Thor 4 and Clint maybe mentoring Katie Bishop to become the Hawkeye.

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To be honest, this was my reaction when Loki died:

And this would be the absolute exact same expression if he comes back.

Two words: Crimson Dynamo.

I literally don’t care for Sif, I never liked her character, but I want Betty Ross back. I want the She-Hulks in the MCU.

Black Widow and Hulk are also pretty untouched.


I hope Disney does a hulk movie

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