Avengers Infinity War HYPE THREAD!

And So It Begins!

#Feel free to discuss.

This thread will be updated on the way to Infinity War (May be retitled)


Oh and the trailer;


This is gonna be amazing.

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They’ve already said that only one of the films will be titled Infinity War, the other one will have a different name. Still excited as heck, especially due to the fact that 66 characters are slated to appear. Seems like Daredevil would be likely to pop up somewhere, then, and if he does, I will cry with happiness.


Seeing the trailer is really getting me pumped for the sheer scale of these movies.


My body can not contain the amount of hype I have for these. The Russo brothers are behind it so I expect something really good at least.


After age of Ultron, I’m skeptical, as Ultron was overall a meh movie.

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Ultron also had corporate breathing down its neck to set up Infinity War and Ragnarok. On the other hand, Infinity War is pretty much only going to set up SPOILERS probably new Avengers and maybe multiverse

I feel like the only guy who really liked it sometimes…


Woah. Git hyped. [quote=“Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air, post:8, topic:23208”]
I feel like the only guy who really liked it sometimes…

I loved it. I dunno if I can decide which Avengers movie I like more.

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More detailed talk about Infinity War

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I’m so exited for this. I can’t wait 2 more years.

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I really can’t wait to see Thanos.

I can’t to see him not sitting around in his chair.


Looks… okay. I’m so unbelievably burnt out on comic books movies though that my hype has gone like this:

I’ll have to see more to get hyped I guess, but I think we all know it’s going to be another schlock-fest.

I am extremely excited for this movie. This is basing itself on my favorite Marvel event, so I have high hopes.

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Part 1/Whatever they rename it as is basically that, yeah. It’ll mostly focus on the cosmic/off earth stuff, and probably connect the two sides as a whole.

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after watching civil war

yeah no, the Russo brothers know how to direct


Didn’t know they were directing this one. But I didn’t find Civil War all that interesting anyway, though I appreciate the directing.




AHHH YEAH IT IS COMING!!! I have the comic of infity war!

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