Avengers: World War Ep.2

Here is the second episode. In this one I tried to use a new way to right all of this because some of you (@Chronicler) said that the old one can’t be read as well as this one. Tell me what you think!

Peter ran to find Pepper. I and Banner went to the hallway. There, we saw the guys. One of them was the Batman. The other had a big beard and long black hair. His body was full of weird tattoos and had a weird golden trident in his hand. The other had a full red costume with an image of a lighting on his chest. Two little lightings were at his ears.
Iron Man: Well, see you again!
Batman: I told you I will be back! Now, you and your friend will suffer!
Banner: I am sure we can just talk…
The red guy: To talk? Pops, you bring us here, you are the bed guys!
The tattoo guy: and now you will pay for this!
I couldn’t even react. The guy shouted me with the trident. I was on the ground, perplexed. I stand up, just to see banner transforming into the Hulk. The tattoo guy tried to shout Hulk, but the lasers didn’t affected him. The red guy’s power was to move very fast. He tried to run around Hulk. Of course, Hulk caught him by his head. He defeated Quicksilver, he could defeat this guy too. But I didn’t saw Batman. He was right above me. He jumped on me and started to kick my armor.

In this time, Peter was running to find Pepper.
Peter: Ms. Potts! Ms. Potts where are you!
Pepper: Peter!
Her voice was from the Assemble Room. Peter entered there and saw my big screen that I use to contact the other Avengers. Pepper was there.
Peter: Ms. Potts, what are you doing here?
Pepper: Peter, I saw the guys with the camera. I also see this!
She pointed to the screen, where Peter saw Hulk trying to fight with the two guys and me, kicked by Batman.
Pepper: That guys are dangerous! We need reinforcements! Somebody who also know what are gonna do with the portal!
Peter: Thor! We need to call Thor!

Over 3 minutes of punching, I was bored. I kicked Batman so hard, that he jumped into the wall. He took something from his belt. There was a bunch of bat-shaped boomerangs. He threw them in me. The first one hit me in my shoulder. I use my repulsor to blow up the rest of them.
Iron Man: Friday. Information.
Friday. The boomerang hit the right shoulder. Nothing important destroyed.
I took that boomerang and tried to threw to Batman, but he was faster than me and punched me in my face.
Iron Man: That’s it! I said. No more mister nice Iron Man.
In this time, Hulk threw the red guy as far as he could, and jumped on the other one. The tattoo huy jumped away and used the trident to shout the roof above Hulk. Tons of blocks of roof felled on Hulk. The trident guy jumped on Hulk’s chest and prepared to stab him with the trident.
Iron Man: No!
Trident guy: Is time to die, monster!
Right in that moment, a flashlight blinded me. Two minutes later I could see again. Hulk was OK. The news was that the tattoo guy was on the floor looking scared at a new guy with a red cape and blonde hair. It was Thor. Spider-Man jumped from a wall.
Spider-Man: Hey there buddies! I hope you are not sad by the fact that I bring a new friend at this party! He is Thor! The Norse God of Lighting!
Thor: Indeed! Now we will give you exact three minutes to run over I will throw you in the dark corners of Muspleheim!
Batman and the tattoo guy ran away. They took the red guy too.

Ten minutes later we were in the Assemble Room.
Iron Man: Those guys were powerful. They almost killed Banner!
Thor: Tony, you told me you will use the Tessaract to help NASA.
Iron Man: I know. You can have it back! But first we need to defeat that guys. But the basic math tell us that we need reinforcements.
Peter: Why aren’t we ask Captain America and his Avengers?
Iron Man: No, we will not ask him for help.
Bruce Banner: Then what are we gonna do?
I had no idea. Captain Avengers were quite powerful: He, Scarlet, Captain Marevel… Then I had one of my best idea ever.
Iron Man: Pepper, call Vision, Black Panther and Rodney. We will need their help.

Also, here are some polls, to know what should I plan for the nest episode:

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If yes, please tell me how!

######Please format it like an actual story and not a play or script. At least use quotes…

Anyway I love what you are doing. Keep it up.


OK, so I will use the other format.

Do you have any ideahow I can introduce Quicksilver or the GotG? I really don’t have any idea.

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You might want to work on that grammar and spelling mistakes

Oh yes! Tell me the mistakes!

Your supposed to say banner and I

Say but I didn’t see batman

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Correct me if I am wrong, but if I want to say a past action I use the Past Simple.

But you said I didn’t saw batman. See is still past tense

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Oh, thanks!

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Definitely an improvement. Some grammar needs improvement but adding a narrative definitely helps this out.

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Yes but @LTVmocs say that he don’t like it. I can’t make it for both.

Actually it looks like we agree

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No, it doesn’t seems you agree. He don’t like this format, you like it.

He says “actual story.” That means a narrative. I’ve been suggesting a narrative as well.

Also, I didn’t say I liked this format. I just said it was an improvement.

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OK, so the third episode, witch most probably will come today, will have the same format.