Avun: The Conqueror of Apokolips

Meet Avun (Pronounced as: Ah-Voon)

He might not look like much to you, but does he look familiar? If not, put this on his face:That's right! He is supposed to look like Takanuva!
So I was thinking about those Shadow Takanuvas that Makuta gathered up in old Bionicle and thought:
Hey! Why not make something based on them!
What I came up with was this guy!

So basically, Apokolips(ruled by Darkseid) in the DC Universe has often been depicted as having things like experiment-like super soldier stuff going on. So I created a story in which the body of a Shadow Takanuva was being experimented on. Picture Takanuva, no mask, grey and gunmetal colors instead of white and gold, top right eye intact with the rest of the face looking like a human's. So this guy suddenly woke up one day and had jumbled memories. He could remember the basic shape of the Kanohi Hau, the "Nuva" part of his name(backwards) and the idea of fighting back against something(possibly Makuta). He beat up everybody who was experimenting on him, found a Kanoka disk and carved out a Kanohi mask in the shape of the Hau. He then discovered that the Mask's power was the ability to absorb kinetic energy(just like Vezon and Fenrakk). Along with this of course, he had powers similar to that of Makuta(he's a Toa of Shadow now, duh).

Put simply, the following events happen:
1.Avun gathers an army of the "underdogs" in the various chambers he finds.
2.Avun leads a rebellion against Darkseid.
3.Avun discovers that he can absorb other beings (just like Makuta) and completely absorbs Darkseid.
4.After transforming, Avun made himself the new ruler of Apokolips.

By the way, here's Avun after absorbing Darkseid!

And for comparison:
What do ya think?


Why Apokilips?i like the MoCs, but why?

Well, if the old Bionicle series was integrated into the DC universe, and I was in charge...
1. I'd have Avun here put in
2. Matoro would crash-land on Earth, back in his Inika form
3. Vezon shows up somewhere
4. Makuta Teridax lives!

why is he gorilla armed? it looks a bit odd to say the least.
the design itself is alright though, it's just the proportions are off.

Takanuva in 2008 was turned into a giant, and Makuta had wings, what's wrong with oddly proportioned arms?

what's wrong is it makes him look off, takanuva's always had very human proportions, so his shadow counterpart should too, the arms look way too long compared to the rest of him, so it looks weird.

just shortening the arms a bit would make it look better proportioned.
like I said the design itself is good, but to me the arms look too long.

Don't forget, the REAL Takanuva was PARTIALLY turned into a Shadow Toa, which means his transformation wasn't a complete one. The various Av-Matoran that were turned into Shadow Matoran were completely transformed, so effects such as growing wings and the eyes changing color were more severe. It wouldn't surprise me if the full effects of Shadow Leaches would alter him further. Other than that, the Power of Absorbing other beings that Avun possesses is inferior to that of Teridax, and gets used on a Non-biomechanical being, so side effects are possible.

Darkseid on life-support. He has basically become Darth Vader.

Comparison to Avun: