Awesome movies that aren't well known

What are some awesome movies that you feel don’t get enough attention, or that not a lot of people have heard about?

Some that I feel haven’t gotten enough attention are:

  • The Bridge on the River Kwai

  • The Third Man

  • The Prince of Egypt


The only one I’ve seen is Prince of Egypt, and I didn’t really like it.

I know one called big trouble in little china, great movie, but not a whole lot of people know it.

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I know this really obscure science fantasy drama called Star wars/s


I’ve seen it too! I love the part where Darth Vader reveals that he’s Luke’s father.

Treasure Planet is kind of the quintessential underrated movie among my friendgroup.


I adore that movie! For the longest time, I only saw the trailer for it on my Monsters Inc. VHS tape. Then I finally watched it when I was 7 or 8 and it was everything I hoped it would be.


Can’t really think of any myself, but of the three you’ve mentioned I’ve heard of the Bridge on the River Kwai (thank you top gear) and I saw the third man about a year or two ago. Never heard of the prince of Egypt tho, but from doing a quick search, it seems like an interesting movie


The prince of Egypt is pretty well known dude


I assume that film is popular, as it did serve as an influence for a Mortal Kombat character. I’m pretty sure there are more references to it in other things, but that is the first thing to come to mind.

Also I saw that movie once and loved it.


Ninja Assassin is really good imo. Not the best in terms of story (it’s still a good one though) but the fights are great.

well I mean, the movie was a box office flop when it came out, so I assume not many people know all that much about, other than being a cult classic.



The Unknown Soldier

Kopps, Zebraman 2, Iron Sky and Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg are great.

The full version of the first digimon movie
Not the American dub where they released it and combined three movies.
Like the actual original movies.
They’re really good imo. The digimon movie was decent but the original movies were really rad and kinda under appreciated here in the states.

did I say I liked digimon already on here?

Digimon is kinda well known sooo might not count

Summer Wars was really good too. Like super good. Not sure if it’s well known or not.


At last no one ever know the true Early 2000’s Disney hit animated film, Brother Bear and it’s DTV sequel.


I’ve heard of that film. I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen it or not, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I remember getting the McDonald’s happy meal toys when the movie came out.

There is an awesome Australian film ‘Sweet Country’ that had a limited screening here recently, but I don’t think anyone outside of Australia will have seen it… it’s really good.