Awesomenessborn's Return: the Moc-pocalypse

Hello people of the board,

Majority of you will probably not remember me but I used to post frequently in 2014/2015 and dropped connections every since… until now. I have stock piled a ton of mocs from my year in hiatus and started posting them on my flickr. I will give a description of each and may add extra photos.

My Flickr Link: awesomenessborn | Flickr

The Skull Merger
here is a simple moc around an idea that one skull villain had two heads and how it would look if made by LEGO. It even has its own gear function.


Royal Stinger

Another build where I tested a bit with the CCBS system and I wanted to create something that had to do something with the Mask of Creation. It is a bit of a mess parts wise but it came out ok.

Lord of Garul
This one is a bit more complex in its construction revolving around the Knights Kingdom armor parts in unique ways. one of my favourites I sadly couldn’t for the life of me capture a pleasing photo other than this one. It looked a lot better in person.

Jar Jar Binks Bust

This was an experiment in shaping and utilization of the new tan armor shells from General Grievous. Very simple and it was ment to be a figure but I ran out of tan and inspiration so I stopped here. It’s ok overall but I loved the head design as well as the chest.

@legomaster1378 suggested adding Mixel eyes and to be honest I enjoy this look more. Thanks for the suggestion!

Last one I have to Show is my Makuta entry with the title

Makuta The Victorious
This is when Makuta first put on the mask.

Link to entry:{00A66255-0F67-490B-97E3-3FCD9CF12314}&a_id=4506918c-8812-42ec-b6b4-ddb44aaf97b0&nse=true

A brief description; his is a version of Makuta who won the first encounter with Ekimu and now successfully rules Okoto. He has a wide range of tools and weapons with his most precious ones being his mutated hammer and a sword forged from Ekimu’s Mask of Creation.

This is one of my largest mocs to date and was very satisfying to build. There a lot of creative ideas in this build, some succeeded, some didn’t. Overall, I feel it is a solid bild and could have a chance to win tier two (maybe)

I hope you guys enjoyed this album and thanks for your time.
(edit: for some reason the photos are being distorted. I 'll try to fix them)


These are fabulous


Very nice work, I especially like the shaping on the scorpion. :slight_smile: out of curiosity what is that crown piece used on Lord of Garul? And where can I get it haha?


I like Makuta but I think he needs more gold or none at all. It’s all in the shoulders/arms and none in the legs or anything. that Jar Jar head looks really good =P

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Jar Jar looks better than he did in the prequels. GG m8!


I quite like them all, except for the Jar Jar thing, which isn’t because it isn’t well done, it’s because I have a deep seated hatred towards Jar Jar.


These are all spectacular, especially the Scorpion and Jar Jar Binks bust.

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Garul is my faveorite out of these.

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Well there goes my plans of sleeping tonight.


That makuta is great, although as others said the gold needs to be distributed better. And if it doesn’t look too odd with the trans neon orange on him already, maybe you should swap the trans red bohrok eye on his head for a trans neon orange one cause trans red is never used for fire in G2 aside from the flame parts from hero factory.

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These are all great, but the Makuta MOC needs better gold distribution. Try distributing some on his chest and legs.

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@TolerantAxe97 You can get it on either king Mathias or king Jayko, the old Knights Kingdom sets

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are these Skull Mergers cousins?


That Royal Stinger is by far my favorite! I love the gold color scheme, I just wish that those trans-orange and the trans-blue shells were a different color; Black, Mata Red, or Gray would have been good replacements.

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Ouch. Ow. My soul.


Should have posted Jar Jar as your MOC contest entry. Most evil indeed.

The Skull Merger is just plain awesome! Can you please post a back shot so that I can try to build one myself?


And all the other ones are pretty great too.