Axato the Skull Raider

I made this MOC back in summer of 2018. Axato is of the characters from the novel “Escape from the Underworld”, the lieutenant of the Skull Raider army and the “missing” Skull Villain of 2015. I decided to give him Gali’s mask since he fights her in a duel in the book, and while he never snatches her mask, neither did the Skull Warrior, yet that didn’t stop anyone from including Kopaka’s mask in his set :stuck_out_tongue: His fight with Gali also made me choose trans-dark blue as his accent color, to show that he is “Gali’s” villain.

Looking back, I probably should have used the other Skull Mask to make him less Skull Warrior-y, but eh, he’s been long dissasembled, maybe one day if I decide to revamp him he’ll get a different mask.

Some extra pics:

Back view

No weapons


Anyway, that’s it from me. I hope you like the MOC!


It looks more like a Skull Warrior revamp to me, but it is still a pretty cool MOC.


This feels really coherent, I like the proportions. The abdomen is nicely filled out and flows well into the legs, which is a rare thing!

The colour scheme is also a less-used one, and the different blue tones bring out the best in eachother.

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I really like the ribs look you got going there.

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He has a pretty well built look, but he seems kind of plump in the middle. I don’t think it’s really fixable without altering his look though. I also think you could lengthen his arms by one and it would actually improve the proportions.

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Water Skull Villain yeeeah.
He is pretty cool, though lacks those undead-defining large Gunmetal armor pieces that others have. Torso build is brilliant, the color scheme is very nice.


I am very glad that this exists, if only for continuity’s sake.

At the risk of echoing the comments above me, I’ll say I love the design and color while finding the moc to be a bit unsatisfying. Granted, this is an old model and a newer stab at the concept will bring fresh ideas.

Uhhh yeah. Blue. Very good. He is missing the trans-orange that signifies he is under the control of Kulta, but that’s nitpicking. I do like that this is a very balanced figure in terms of color and design. The blues don’t clash, and I just really like a solid skeleton warrior, Skull Warrior was my favorite of the 5 villains.

I think my biggest issue is that this really feels like a moc. I may just be conditioned with all the Hagah concepts rn but it’s really apparent that this is a fan-made creation from parts of his design. Is that good or bad? Depends on what you want it to be.

All in all, nice work, and thanks for sharing this with us even though this was an older project.

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I decided not to use trans-orange since the Skull Raiders weren’t technically controlled by Kulta like the Skull Army was (at least I don’t think they were, but perhaps I missed something in the book). But then again, Skull Basher was a Skull Raider as well and he did have trans-orange pieces… Hmmm… Yeah maybe your point’s valid :sweat_smile:

Your call! Again, I’m just glad you shared this at all

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I don’t think he was, actually

Okay, so this is a thing that has bothered me since G2’s run. In Escape from the Underworld, Basher is referred to as Kulta’s lieutenant… of the Skull army, not the Skull Raiders. BS01 has inaccurate information.