Axiom Verge

I’ve found that there is no topic for this beautiful metroid inspired game, which is sad, because if metroid fans want to play something fresh that feels like metroid, (besides Am2r) Axiom Verge is that game! it came out in 2015 and was created by one guy, the music, the mechanics and all of the environments, locations, hostiles, bosses and more were created by Thomas Happ. I believe you can get the game on play station, steam. But I really wish it was advertised more in the metroid community and advertised more in general, if any ones played it what are your thoughts?


It looks pretty good but I’ve never played it.

you should defiantly try it if you like metroid! exploring games in general.

OMG I was actually playing this game just yesterday. It is an awesome game. Right now I’m trying to find everything in the final area, because that is where I left off at after I beat the final boss last year.

Played it too, can confirm great metroidvania game. I kinda wish the weapon upgrades stacked, but that’s just me

Looks really nice. Would play if I had money.