Axl's (better) Battle Suit

I lived

I’ve been house-sitting for the past couple of days, and decided to pick up some discount lego.

This is a tablescrap made using parts from Axl’s and Lance’s battle suit sets, which were half-off.


Nice revamp
But the connection point between the legs and the torso looks a little awkward

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Despite this is a fusion of 2 sets, the white is “off-colored” and the thigh only looks good on certain view.

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The white is a bit distracting, the fins under the axe head kind of distract from the feel of the weapon, and that hand makes no sense. Otherwise, it’s a much better rendition of Axl’s mecha and feels like the thing LEGO could have easily done instead.

Nice job.

I wasn’t meaning for it to have a hand, those are just robot nubs. The ax and shield are supposed to be continuations of the arms, rather than tools

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Now it’s $15 :stuck_out_tongue:

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He looks pretty cool, but I don’t like the white.

It has Pohatu Mata legs. I love it.