Axonn Centauri- Ideas

Squirt here to BLOW your minds with my new MOC!
Strangely, this is not a self- MOC as it is my true first MOC!
I'm gonna post more, so wait a bit.

This is it's current state.....
nuu i'm out of white pieces....

Welp, i just used up a shoeboxfull of parts.... Time to open a bin!

I made a warhammer for this guy....


More Photos because a side shot does not give enough information
Also clear Background


Yes. Please. More camera angles. :smile:

(Oh, sorry. I should have read slower.)

Still building this moc :smile:

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Can't wait to see the final project! The Rhode is one of my fav masks!

Coming Soon Topics aren't really allowed, so you'll have to post more photos or the Moderators will most likely close this Topic.

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I am actively updating this post.

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Umm... Not really. There is only one picture, and I can barely see anything.

Uh look what my first MOC topic looks like :expressionless: If that made it so they can't take it I think this may be allowed :laughing: But yah maybe just post one more picture dude!

Yup. I am even building noow :smiley_cat:

lol it's now brown as a turd

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This really looks like a centaur even though it doesn't have any legs

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So any updates?

Soon. :smile: School trip ended yesterday and my pieces are still in big sealed boxes :frowning:

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