Axonn from the Order of Mata Nui

i never even really liked this guy honestly

as usual, more where that came from my Tumblr.


Looks great! I quite like the Samurai-esque look he has.

Holy crap!
That’s awesome!


Is it because of the big hands?

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Good interpretation of Axonn, I love the way you did his legs.

Not a fan of how he kinda looks a bit fat. but this is pretty cool.


just not a good character imo

@RaptorTalon thats intentional, better than just having the same body build walk around everywhere

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Daaaang that bulk! He’s so buff!

This is just awesome.

It looks Awesome!

His head seems quite tiny.

He looks like a mega bot from Ratchet and Clank 3.



Love the art style

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i like the idea of him being a giant more than how tiny his set is, iunno.

Looks like he got a variation of Iron Man’s armor.

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Your stuff is brilliant! Botar and Brutaka deserve reimaginings in my mind.
If you dont do Artakha and Tren Krom I might kill myself…
It would be great to see you try Artakha and Tren Krom too.

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Nice hands!

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i love this ! good job.

This is great, but the only problem is that the hands aren’t big enough (jk, 10/10 drawing)

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Always love your art Cat! Keep up the good work!:heart_eyes: