Axonn or Makuta?

For those of you who weren't aware, my birthday was about a week ago, and I got a good amount of money during it. Since I already owned Brutaka, I figured I would try and go for Axonn, though I also was interested in 03' Makuta (seeing as I already own Takua and Pewku, I figured I would add on to my 03' titan). Now I don't wanna burn all my money on buying the two, so should I get Axonn or 03' Makuta?


I would buy Makuta.


That's a tough choice. Hm... While Axonn is a pretty cool set, I'd personally go with '03 Makuta.

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'03 Makuta, he deserves it, for 2 reasons:
1. Good parts.
2. From good parts come great MOCs. (Personal observation.)


I'd reccomend Axonn, although if you want parts, Makuta's the way to go.

Although personally, I'd ditch both and buy Hydraxon. stuck_out_tongue


Axonn's sausage fingers are great but I'd go with Makuta.

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I would buy Axonn.

But I'm probably biased because I already have 03 Mactootie. =P


You can't go wrong, really. Personally I'd say Makuta, but that might just be becuase I only got him relatively recently, whereas I've had Axonn since '06.

Makuta is more notable than Axonn.


I dunno about that. If I saw a guy with a giant ax, i'd notice him pretty well.


As opposed to a guy that rules the universe you're living in...

but 03 makuta wasnt ruling the universe at that time

go with axxon


think I'll go with Makuta

Axonn all the way

Whelp, everyone says Makuta, so hop on the bandwagon everyone!

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In my view I think of it from a release standpoint, 03 Makuta was released earlier so as each day passes there will be less and less of his sets that are in a completed condition. Same goes for Axonn, though Axonn was made later during the height of Bionicle so chances are there will be more Axonn's available.

Another good way to judge is by looking on the instructions and part listings on sites such as Brickset. You may find out the only parts you are missing are a few masks or weapons, in which case It may help you decide which set to get.

And while he's still considering which one to get, someone else purchases them

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Get Axxon he is one on the best sets of 2006 of Bionicle.