Ayen, Spirit of Twilight

I feel like I'm slowly losing my capacity to keep up with all these characters of mine. I think it shows here.


So...when does he transform? wink

So is it a autobot, or a decepticon? jkjk

I have to say, nicely shaped! Not many areas bother me, he/she seems pretty consistent with trans-green, gold, black, and lime. If I had to say anything would break it for me, it's how flat the lower legs are. With the way the Gresh armor curves, it makes the lower legs look less fleshed out. Other than that I Iike it wink

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This is a nice looking MOC, it's color scheme is very consistent and something I've never seen before. My only gripe would be the lower legs are a little flat.

I'm hating how my skills at subtitling these characters are slowly devolving over time

The gold keeps making me think of yellow leaves. How about Ayen, Spirit of the Autumn?

That half got in there.

Does the gear box work? Cool moc, the black tentacles work well.


Wait is it a Bioformer?

No, it was a reference to the original nickname, the "Twilight Transformer", which I changed after she got confused with the Transformers IP.


oh I see. I was hoping it would just randomly transform...


The shaping feels a bit odd in some places and the black/grey skeleton looks awkward in places but this is a great and unique MOC overall. I love the main colours!

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Great look, great colour scheme and great use of new pieces. Really cool moc, great job!

It has no heels.


Does it transform into a purple unicorn?
Because it's called the Spirit of Twilight?

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I really can't win with a subtitle, can I

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you can't win at making limbs, either, apparently

Seriously I feel that your sheer number of MOCs is starting to wear away at your already messy MOCs.

I don't mean to be rude, but this might be one of the worst yet. It's not Therina, but it's not Jetera either.


@Ekorak The arms look basic, but come on, the legs are fine.

Maybe to you....


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