Azherio, Big Strong Robot!

Its a Big robot dude, what else do you want!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you, have a great day!


the lower legs feel like they need something else, other than that really solid.


Agreed.and what are those two cables on his feet? I think they need to stick on something. But this looks cool! I like those muscles on him.


The 2005 Titan vibes are strong with this one. Legs and torso are pretty good, but I’d suggest you add some half-width beams by the technic piece in his torso to fill in the gaps in the Hordika foot. The arms are pretty cluttered though, I’d suggest scrapping those and trying something that matches the legs. Also, you seem to have forgotten to complete the leg pistons.

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Ok lower legs bulk em up
Get that guy bigger fists
BIG… STRONG… ROBOT, teeny tiny hands

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You must make Some custom Hands for him.

@controller_of_ice You know, you’re right about the hands, there tiny.
gonna work on that.

Yeah, kinda looks like he skipped leg day. Other than that he looks pretty cool. I’m loving the keet-orange and dark red color scheme.

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Ohh detail

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