Azure - Rouge Mini Mayhem from the North (Version 2)

“Zombkotans then!” Azure to Echo in Island of Mystery(RP topic)


So this is Azure she’s a Mini mayhem. She was created quite recently after I got the idea to redesign @KAI_BORG’s character Keltraz. After her creation, I wanted to develop her character and so I signed her up for the “Island of Mystery RP”.


The original concept for Azure was this:

After some time playing with her a bit in the RP I’ve managed to develop this description a lot. For example the fact she knows Keltraz is never specified in her application even tho she does in the RP, of course, the Keltraz in the Rp is not the same Keltraz she knows since that Keltraz is the redesign.

The redesigned Keltraz is based on @KAI_BORG’s original character and shares therefor the same personality and going off what he has told me I believed I needed someone to keep him in check. Because of this Azure got an older sibling/babysitter roll to Keltraz since Tarkur doesn’t do much to prevent Keltraz actions.

Azure and Tarkur are not very close if anything she believes him to be a fool who only runs around and is never productive. Unlike Tarkur her “Creator” is a bit more reserved generally speaking and this Azure believes makes him “Lame”. Azure isn’t annoyed by her “Creator” but finds him just to distant to be worth talking too.


Her personality hasn’t changed that much since I started playing her in the RP.

Azure is at nature an introvert tho she has no problems being social the only requirement for her is that the person she talks to can have a deep and meaningful conversation.
In her nature, she is also very rash and makes decisions out of the blue, which at times leads to self-harm or trouble. When it comes to other people she couldn’t care less to her most people are just a burden to carry but there exists some evidence that she has a heart :wink:.


Magma swords

Multi-pointed shurikens


To conclude Azure is one of the more fun characters that I’ve got to experience through an RP, In a way, I sometimes believe she makes a perfect female me. That wasn’t intended it just kinda happened on accident. Anyhow she is still in many ways different from how I am as a person. All I can say is she’s a really funny character and one of my first successful female characters. :sunglasses:

Here is Azure V1

Anyways thank you for reading and CC is as always welcomed!


Mini Mayhems is originally by:
so credits go to ToaLittleboehn for the concept


so, this certainly has charm to it being a mini mayhem and all, but i have a few suggestions

if you can, change the shells on the lower legs to silver so it matches the head, and ditch those green spikes. the weapon storage is neat, but it clutters the back just a tad imo, bit i can understand that

also a dab? you disgust me/s

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It wasn’t meant to be a dab

Yeah didn’t have those in silver. “Not gonna comment on the no spikes deal, spikes ftw!” -Azure

Thanks for the criticism tho

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alright, no problem

can i make a mov tho i wanna see how much taller echo is than her


Sure! Go ahead.

alright boyo

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One thing could you Pm end results :sunglasses:

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of course

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God. I need to do a Mini-Mayhem myself.

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I also wish to see this!

Also, hahaha! Love this character and her opinions on Kelratz! XD

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Yeah her opinions are unique to say the least.

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Yep! And they’re just perfect when dealing with Kelratz!

Also, sent the link for this to the Creator of the MM series! I’ll let you know what he thinks/his reply once he sends it!

Got Shifter’s reply! Here it is!

'Not gonna lie, seeing this made my good day even better. Where to start? Well, the build is very interesting, still resembling my base builds, but being still very custom. Always love seeing that! And the colour scheme is wonderful, even down to the lime spikes (though I may be a little biased there, lol). I also really like the weapon holds on the back. They not only function, but they also look good from various angles! And of all the various feet I've seen on MM's, those are definitely a first, and honestly, that alone gets a small applause. The personality is also really well thought out, though I'm a little curious about these other MMs/characters calling her a "fake". And to cap this off, I love the little gif at the end of the post.'

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That reply made my day!

Haha! Glad to hear it!

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Why is it dabbing? Just why?

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Because why not?

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It wasn’t supposed to be a dab! :sob:


I can’t see how it would be anything else.

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