B-Team 01 : The Eraser (Batman)

A new project ! Artwork of stupid Batman villains but in a serious way that actually could make them credible, some kind of new Suicide Squad. Tell me if it works.

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But where is the eraser that should be at the top of the pencil?

It’s hidden in the hat.
He gets rid of the evidence and witnesses.

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This looks pretty good

The only complaint I can make is that in this more serious tone, the head looks a little cartoonish, and I think it would definitely benefit from some greebling. Maybe like some sort of scope or something.

I really like this! It looks so awesome! It takes a ridiculous concept and makes it cool!

Wow. This is awesome. Please make more.

This is just amazing, I love the gun.

Looks ready for his movie appearance.

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Love the gun, and the suit creases look spot-on.
My only gripes are that the back of the head seems a little malformed and the top of the body outline on the suit. You could probably fix both by simply slimming them down a tad bit. But pretty much everything else looks amazing!

That shotgun is a whole new level.

This guy has style.

I love his style.


Wow, this is pretty good! (By the way, I loved the Lego Batman Movie!)

This is actually the best batman villain and possibly the most interesting to me.

Nice adaptation!

Which ones would you like next ?

I believe there is absolutely no way to make Kite-Man or the Calculator look cool, but I would love to be proven wrong.

That’s pretty awesome.