B0R1S (Bignicle Frame MOC)

A gentle giant filled to the brim with curiosity and confusion. He often wishes his creators had given him more processing power and less brawn.

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This guy was the first time I ever built around somebody else’s frame (Souji Gakari’s Bignicle Frame Instructions) and also the largest MOC I’ve ever made. I tried to keep the color layering consistent throughout the build (gunmetal and grey on top, orange underneath) but definitely didn’t streamline it as best as I could have.

I had a ton of fun building around this frame. It was a really interesting build process and the end product is honestly stunning before you even start slapping shells on. Super happy with how it came out, and I love the fake eyes that ended up appearing on the head design in the end. Totally recommend the frame to anyone wanting to try something big and stable out, it’s a phenomenal starting point if you don’t know how to go about building something at that scale like I did initially.


This looks nice. I love the color scheme with the orange and gunmetal.


Woah. Quite impressive

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Yes, this moc is yes. I like the head design.

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Thanks, really happy with how the colors came out too!

Thank you, appreciate it!

Thanks! The head design is also my favorite part of the whole thing.

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