Baby Villager Photoshop requests

Continuing the discussion from “Your Avatar!”, I’ll make people baby villager pictures in Photoshop! And @PekekoaOfJungle has volunteered to join me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, who’s first?!


Photshop the arms off one and make it the Monty python Black knight

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Oh, I thought you were going to do it in the Request Avatars Here! topic. I’m not sure this warrants it’s own topic, but I suppose it’s up to a Mod.


Wait… That exists? :laughing:

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Make him dark gray and give him the Mask of Control.
Also, @Chronicler, @Waj, @Political_Slime?

Which MoC? Set or animation?

And also, yeah. Could one of you mods put this into the “Request Avatars Here!” Topic? It’d be greatly appreciated!

Hmm. While it could go in the Request Avatars, I’m going to say that it’s fine as its own topic, provided all other requests stay in that topic.


#Flag it, don’t tag it!
This has been a P.M.A.


Okay! Thanks for clearing that up, Slime!

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Set, please!

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Do you want to see the full eyes (look at my profile picture for reference) or just through the normal eyes of the mask?

Full eyes.

You’re welcome, @MakutaAhkmou! :stuck_out_tongue:


Put my face on a green and white one.

would be cewl.

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The green Evo one on your Self-MOC?

And please answer the question I asked @MakutaAhkmou

(Full eyes?)

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Yuh. That is the one.

Full eyes or normal?

Full eyes.

Could you just quickly take as picture of only RaptorTalon’s head?

Not just his head, but I want to see what you could do with this.

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You’re welcome, @RaptorTalon! :stuck_out_tongue:

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