Back with another self-moc, after a super long time.

This guy is built on the same general base as my old self moc, Alli, from a few years ago. I’ve had him built for a long time now but never really posted him anywhere, but I think it’s a really solid build so finally decided to share him. I believe he’s a huge improvement over the mocs I posted here before (I cringed pretty hard looking through my old posts, haha.) Anyway, here he is.

Here he is with some armor removed, showing the custom torso.

He’s able to store his blades on his hips like so, even if it’s not the most practical I wanted to include it.

Lastly, he is very sturdy, stable, and poseable.

Thanks for taking a look, let me know what you think.


Really good. But I think you should add more dark orange.

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@Rukah I don’t have many dark orange pieces, ngl. To me it sort of looks like a belt, so it never bothered me.

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I’ll second the addition of more dark orange (it turns a pretty basic color scheme into a very uncommon one). Besides that, I’d like to see you try to clean up some of the technic in his torso, and add some more armor on its sides.