Background story stuff i just want to post here

This litel backstory will just be lie here for people to read if they want.

The story is about this guy is for sale | HugeDomains when i build my mocs i always try to come up with a story to them, it adds character to them.

Here is a little index from all the things that are going to come up here.

Nitron: A species from the planet Niktron.

Nitron Empire: The empire the Nitrons build.

The Ultras (really uncreativ name):The race that help the nitron win their war against the forgotten ones. They were highly technical advanst with space ships.

The forgotten ones: where they race the Nitrons where in war with on the planet. it was for so long ago they have forgotten there name and looks of the forgotten ones.

Warppower: Pure power from a nouther demention that they use for ther guns, electrisity and some to shoot out gient lasers from there hands.

Dominis was the high war commander for the Nitron empire. He was the main reason that the Nitron empire grew so large as it was. He was a great war tactical, close combat master and his power with the warp was the greatest in the whole Empire. The galaxy knew him as a commander who could not lose, when he appeared on the battlefields there was no reason to fight. Dominis was so furious in combat that he could take care half an army all by himself. As he had great power of the warp he could use it to sprint or fly in to the enemy army in a matter of seconds. Ones he would be in close combat he would punches his enemies instead of using a gun. His fist was his most favoured weapon, he could punch his enemies and they would die instantly. From the pure power of the warp his fist where the most feared and powerful weapon in the galaxy.
Dominis understood that using one type of combat was unwise, he could absorb power from the warp to shoot out a big blast of energy to blow up his enemies bigger spaceships or other that he couldn’t destroy with his fists.

After the war with the forgotten ones The Ultras started to educate the Nitrons. They learned their laguages, as the Nitron understood what the Ultras languages they fell down on their knees swearing their loyalty to the Ultras. Dominis was one of the first to swear aligens to the Ultras. The Ultras notest his great passion for learning that the Ultras had to offer, he showed good potential in combat and one of the Ultras took him under his wing. Dominis became one of their best warriors and was most devoted to the Ultras more then another Nitron. It was around this time the Ultras noted that the Nitrons where sensitive to the warppower. They trained the art of warppowers how to absorb from the warp and how to use it to gain strength vitality and speed. To the Ultras surprise Dominis show great potential with the warp, he quickly learnt how to absorb the power. As most Nitrons found it fascinating that they could shoot out giant lasers from their hands, Dominis didn’t. Dominis found it to be more interesting powering his strength and speed to make a powerful punches.

The Ultras started making the Nitrons in to soldiers giving the weapons and armor, learning them how to drive tanks, ships and spaceships. They learnd them all the military tactics the Ultras had mastered. Dominis was made high commander for the new founded Nitron army under the Ultras rule.

Dominis was taskd by the Ultras to colonise Planets for the Nations to expand on and populate. If he would find civilization on planets he would convert them to their empire to follow their laws and culture. If they would turn down their offers they would be annihilate. Hundreds of world where annihilate for not wanting to join the empire with their strict laws. They met little resistance from these planets due to their superior technology and weapons.

After a 157 years when the Nitrons was converted by the Ultras, the Ultras was diseased with a plague that only affects them. No one knew where it came from or how to cure it. The Ultras started dying and the Nitrons could only stand and observed as the saviours died.
This was the time of grief for the Nitrons and Dominis was one of the most devastated by these events. They went in a deep depression, who would guide them through this dark galaxy now? Who will rule over them telling them what to do and how to act?
Dominis stop his campaign and went back with his fleet and army to their home world to grief. Dominis started constructing a giant tomb that covered 20% of their home worlds surfers for the Ultras. He and the rest of his people build it in memory of the Ultras and all the Ultras body’s where stored inside the tomb that stretches itself down in to their planet. Their bodys was sealed in capsules that would stop their dead body’s from rotting away. Many Nirtons took the life’s as they did not see any reason to live in a world with out the Ultras. This was called the dark times, times of darkness, time of depression and time of nothing.
200 years later some Nitrons started recovering from their depressions. One of these where Domirok, he was the one who re rallyd the Nitrons from their depression and reform their Empire. Before everything was ruled by the Ultras, and the Nitrons had little to say in these matters. Domirok created a council of their highest officials this was himself, Dominra and Tecrik. They would take care of how the Empire was ruled. Everyone had a specific task, Domirok works as the whole empires leader giving out orders and how people should act. Dominras task was to ensured their society works and was stable, Tecrik was given the task to develop new technology for their Empire. This was the time of Reincarnation.

During this time Dominis was still in his deep depression. Domrok did not bother to try taking him in to the council as they did not have any enemy’s to fight. They only colonised planets that didn’t have any civilisations on them to avoid conflicts. During this time reports have come in from the outher planets that some strangest creatures have attacked the Nitrons planets. These reports started coming in frequently and they started losing contacts with these planets. Domrok sent out ships to investigate only to return with reports of beasts attacking their ship. They reported that they coudlnt land on to the planet becouse of the creaters where attacking ther ship. Some of these creatures shoot out lasers at them and they retreated back to ther home world.

Domrok understood that these new creatures needed to be taken care of. He did not have any experians of organising an army. He went to Dominis to convince him to join his council becoming their high war commander. Dominis Was still in his depression and did not like the new rule system. He thought the Ultras system was flawless and should not be changes. It took time for Domrok to convince Dominis to join his council. He would only join on one condition, he would carry out the Ultras orders for his camping. Domrok did not want to start new conflicts with other systems and civilisations before. Now they have the biggest hero of the Nitrons on their side that would not matter to Domork anymore. Dominis became the high war commander and organised a new Nitron army. since lots of them dispatch due to the time of grife. He was send off to take care of these creatures.

Dominis became the bigest hero for the Nitron empire, he was most loved by the lower class of his citizens.These where those who workt at lower paid jobbs and the younger generation of his people. The higer you got in the generations his popularity decrist. The upper class did see him as a heroe but they didnt think war and killing was so glorius and honoring as the lower class did. The apriciated Domirok, Dominra and Tecrik more. They appreciate the work they did to hold up their society.

I might expand on how he took care of those creatures some day. Thanks for reading this not important backstory.