Bad guy 2017


This moc looks incomplete, while it’s suppose to represent a skeletal character, the exposed back and legs still need some coverage to look decent.

You also seem to strip off the Ghost Mech arms and put small chain, it doesn’t work personally; despite the color.


Thats fine, however this moc isn’t going to please many from my “point of view”.


I can do what I want with my mocs

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Yeah. I mean, that’s true, but since one of the only reasons for posting here is to get criticism, maybe you don’t want to share them, then.

Umm, this build is to good to be a Good Guy/Bad guy set.:smile:

All joking aside, can you add a closeup photo of the arms? They look really cool.

Not too fancy. It looks incomplete, and I can’t see the old bad guys, if you wanted this to be a revamp.


Here it is.

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I wish I had skull kneecaps.

To the MOC, it’s pretty cool I guess. It kinda captures the incompleteness of the Bad Guy sets, so good job.