bad santa

nothing to see here, move along


The first paragraph kinda strung something out from me.

It doesn’t seem to “expressive” but still pull off the Santa vibe going. I’m curious where it’s eyes are located. :santa:


Ho Ho oh my god that face. I mean, the rest is good, but I can’t make heads or tails of his well… head.

Wow Ghid I didn’t know you were a poet.
That’s not sarcasm
The moc is pretty good, I don’t even know what to make of that head.


Uhm… Well yeah. Does he have a face? And why does he have open balls on his elbows? 8,5/10

I should have said philosopher.


Impressive part usage

Uhh… Wat is that?! Cool!

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Pretty good. Maybe it’s the description that made it better tho.

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Poetry isn’t only things that rhyme

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I feel like the nose would be better as a face. Overall great Holiday moc

I personally would pull out heresy to take it off.