Bad Things in G1

While many of us love G1 it did have some bad things such as 2009 and 2005, Stars and several other things. What did you think was bad about G1?




My opinion pal. I thought both of those years weren't as good as I expected them to be. EDIT: Just realized I put 2004 instead of 2005


Where do you start?

-The Red Star
- Makuta not being Mata-Nui's brother
- The Mata-Nui Telescope
- Various plot holes and contrivances

Hopefully someone can go into more depth than me, but that's the general flaws of G1 as a whole.


The dumbest thing in g1 was the whole "you guys live inside a robot." Probably the stupidest idea ever, personally.

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The red star
Teridax not being the most interesting of villains
Making masks in only one color (No recolors after the metru masks, and the only recolored one of those was the Ruru.)
Squid launchers
Bota magna just kind of being there, and having little story relevance
Piraka spines. (Seriously, if they just did some recolors then the MOCs would look like their own characters, not other versions of the Piraka."

And, who could forget...
Pretty much all of 2005


The combination of two already nonsensical rules. Elements preassigned to genders and "love isn't cannon".

If Toa/Matoran are built (rather than.. not), genders don't really matter, so assigning elements to genders is even more pointless.

The red star.. suddenly the concept of death holds no weight.

Bara Magna.. all of it


I agree about the element-gender thing, though it would have been more palatable if more elements were female, especially among the secondaries, where Greg had more leeway to assign genders. IMO, Plantlife and Plasma should have been female.

I really do respect Greg's reasoning behind the love thing, but with all the harmless implications in the early years, it seemed silly to say that love was not real because it would be too "distracting," thereby invalidating all of those potential relationships, Plus, there's never been any real battles between fans over "shipping" like there are in other fandoms, and since the vast majority of fans are either pro-romance (seeing it as headcanon) or indifferent to it, there's really no reason it shouldn't have existed.

Where I disagree with you is the idea that the Red Star removes the weight of death. While it was a bit anticlimactic to learn that all of our fallen heroes were still "alive," the concept of death in the MU--assuming the RS still worked--is nonetheless weighty. After all, the RS was intended to send a revived being back down to a new location with no memory of their former life...essentially reincarnation. However, the person that once existed still remains "dead," and cannot return, meaning that he/she no longer truly exists. That is actually worse than simply ceasing to exist, IMO, because then you have no chance of reuniting with friends or loved ones. Without your memory, you can encounter them physically, but you'll never be able to know them like you did before. That, when you think about it, is really sad, and very emotionally weighty, at least to me...




I still think that love is very much so canon because:

1: The Glatorian had love, and probably taught it to the MU inhabitants.

2: Matoro loved his friends enough to die for them. Pretty much all selfless acts require love.


oh, that would explain that decision..

wait.. really
in that case, I completely retract my statement

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Actually, forget everything, this is the sole flaw in G1! :smile:

  1. Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows
  2. Takutanuva
  3. No robo-dinos


Also Am I the only one here that likes 2005?


I didn't mind them.

I never got them, but...

I loved Web of Shadows and I really wanted them, so...


The fanbase.


I use to have some of them but they were stolen. :cry:

Whoa I was actually going to mention the red star until I read this.


I started thinking about the whole "love isn't canon" thing a lot when I got into writing, and honestly, given the purpose of the Matoran and the way in which they are created, it makes complete sense to me. However, if a story universe is going to ditch love as a thing, they should have thrown out gender with it, since their explanation of Matoran gender being a matter of personality (the whole Orde and psionics thing) brings up a lot of uncomfortable connotations about what gender actually is. Whether or not they could have practically done so is another matter, since a) the inclusion of gender added to the relatability of the characters, which is vital to make people actually care about a story and b) telling a story with all gender-less characters could've become a logistical nightmare when just about every common language in the world divides its pronouns by gender (he, she, etc...). Logically, Matoran and Toa being absolutely genderless might have made more sense, but would the effort have been worth it, and would we as fans have cared as much about the characters that resulted? I'm not sure.

I could be wrong, but given that they were stated to be somewhere around 85% organic, I think Agori and Glatorian would reproduce sexually and hence both love and gender should be canon for them. As for the implications of that fundamental difference between them and the inhabitants of the Matoran universe in their future relations... that's a matter of who's writing the continuing fan fiction :smile: .


The Vahki
Not because they're bad (I think they're awesome), but because they're severely underrated. Their weapon powers were really OP IMO, and I fell they could've been something more than just generic guards of Metru-Nui


The fanbase
. . . ^

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