Bahraku Hian

For the Bahraku contest:
(The reason I'm posting it here is so anyone can see it.)

There are three sizes of Hian.


(The blue dots are the eyes).


And last, but not least;

When I heard the name Bahraku, I instantly thought of Barraki Takadox. That's where the inspiration for all three of these came from.

Also, the shoulder pad is bigger on the right, so if a sword swings at him from the right, it gets blocked.

A shot of the back.

The head up close.

Really happy with the eyes ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

That's pretty much it.


Not bad, I will take these in consideration.

Here are some pictures of them together.

As you can see, medium and large are about the same size.

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