Ballad of TTV

First of all my story isn't tied to this at all I just had to I apologize in advance.

The sun settled in the morning sky, it's majestic shine illuminated Toa Eljay's armor as if he were an aspect of light itself. On the opposite was the skadi warlord Mesonak, skulls of fallen goes adorned his armor along with the pelts of rahi who had met his blade. The two charged blades meeting if only for a second, never hitting their targets . This dance of death continued until Mesonak drew his axe a twisted weapon by the name of April's fool and swung it at Eljay and at that instant he was banished to a realm we only know as fired.

The ominous figures nodded in approval as they carried the banner of TTV.


Now all we need is a composer to conjure up a tune for this, and we're set.

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Just do this theme when they are standing off...

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