Baltamor the Ancient Warrior

This warrior is the oldest thing in life. Original he was a gladiator kill criminals for the High Master. But then he figured out that all these people were innocent. So he tried killing the High Master but failed and was banished. He has been trying to right his wrongs ever since.


He has a lot of clashing textures.
And he’s relatively simple.

Relatively simple, textures might be a bit off.

The legs are not good or fitting.

the story makes no sense to me, so hes a gladiator that kills bad people but finds out there innocent. (dont gladiators just fight to the death in an arena) he sounds more like a bounty hunter to me

Is “Acicnet” a typo?

Yes it is

Was it supposed to be ancient?

Edited Title for Spelling ~ The Archon

I like it but doesn’t seem like gladiatorsome go outside of the arena