Bara Magna continuation

Do you think Lego would let Bionicle to have the 2 years Bara Magna needs to complete the Bara trilogy. If not, why not release 3D renders of new masks/pieces it had? For some to 3D print them.

I think Greg has said before that there was no planning for it. Therefore there wouldn’t be any pieces to release. Also Greg has said that Lego probably won’t bring G1 back at this point because of all the backstory that would need to be explained.

But I would like robo dinos too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, Greg only worked on the story for Bionicle, never the design of the characters. Even if Greg did design the characters, I don’t think Lego would let him release photos of the prototypes

I think it would be wise for Lego to make the story continuation, the characters and pieces, for the sets to be bought only online, at command. No store releases, just online. (Would be cheaper, easier and more efficient)

But as we know, Lego doesn’t have that much of an interest for Bionicle, like us, the fans…

Yeah but the thing is is that LEGO won’t get any money from just releasing story serials or their concept designs.


I know, but I said if the sets could be only bought online, since there is no need of backstory (not full release) and the kids won’t know about them. They should be meant to be for the fans.

The problem with that is that Lego is only marketing it to a niche group outside their target group and won’t make enough money to justify it.


Pieces that could only be bought online would not sell enough to justify the expense of getting the molds made.